Extraterrestrial Quarantine and Oneness disconnection – Young Pharaoh

Young Pharaoh’s Extraterrestrial Quarantine and Oneness disconnection
– A transcript for the hearing impaired people

Peace Peace family, This video right here is about Extraterrestrial Quarantine as well as Oneness Disconnection. So with that being said we are going to break down why the planet earth is being quarantined by extraterrestrials due to our infancy stage of consciousness, which is causing us to be no longer aware of the creational desctructional abilities that we have on difference spectrums of reality. And not just this world but other worlds due to frequency enter connection.

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Now with this be said, lets go step by step. Last year on my channel family, I state how planet earth was quarantined and no body was able to leave the planet earth. Go research Steven Greer (Yahoo search or Google Search). He breaks down the same sciences that I stated last year on my channel. So with that being said, the reason I’m referencing this is because he has interviewed direct military, CIA officials who confirm everything you are about to hear in this video, that I have been saying LAST YEAR. So some of ya’ll only believe it if it comes out of a white persons mouth. So here is a white person to confirm everything that a black person has been saying. And he has been doing this for over 20 years. So with that being said, continuing on in my video.

Now planet earth is under quarantine. Nobody is allowed to leave a certain range of space out of the planet. PERIOD! This is why space stations all stop after they get to a certain distance. Because extraterrestrials are quarantining the planet earth because not only are the blood types, the A and B blood type antigens. An antigen is a toxic or foreign substance introduced to the body which evokes a response to the immune system. Not only are there genetically hybrid people running around this planet, genetically modified foods, not only is there a matrix system created to spiritually enslave and ensnare the natural reicarnational purposes of people, who have come to this planet to physically have a humanoid experience. But on top of all of that Fuckery, Ok, everybody has been disconnected from their original perspective which is oneness. So with that being said let us now break down what is oneness disconnection. Right! You are all, I myself, this camera I’m holding, the wall behind me, the wall behind you, is all made up of atoms. Now why is this important. Atoms are intelligent. Ok! They’re intelligent. They know! Atoms are the first physiological state of consciousness. And I do mean physiological. Atoms become cells. Cells become tissues. Tissues become organs. Organs become organ systems. Organ systems become organisms. Do you know how many types of organisms there are out there? Your DNA is directly hooked up to the cosmos. This how what you get light coded, light downloads and light codes. Because your DNA is literally hooked up to light, it is the medium. So as I stated before in my other videos. Your DNA is like a Rubik’s Cube. Constantly trying to figure out how to get back to its purist form, which is light. With that being said family. All of these organisms out here are made up of different atoms which posses the same void of consciousness that you do. So let me break this down. 90% of an atom is space. 10% of an atom is consciousness. You use 90% of your subconscious, which powers the 10% of yourself that you use. So even the ability to access certain potentially of information within your own individual level of consciousness is the same as your anatomical self. So your subconscious mind already has all the answers of not only your past life but the same neurological energetic, lets say pockets of memory that any other organism has the potentiality of possessing. So with that being said, even when you look at martial arts. Martial arts was formed from studying psychological components of the animal and manifesting it out of ones’ self. Because you and the animal are one anatomically. But you just manifested yourselves differently. So I gave this analogy before. I’ll give it again. If you go to the ocean. And you take a red cup, a blue cup and a white cup, and you scoop water out the ocean with all of them and you put them on the sand, the only thing that changed was the outside of the cup. The inside of the cup is still water. Same thing with life. The only thing that changes is how you visually see everything else. Inside we are all the same. CONSCIOUSNESS! So, are there GMO cups running around? Yes. Are there natural cups? Yes. Aka are there normal people running around? Are there un-normal people running around? Yes. But at the end of the day there is all intelligence permeating throughout all life. And once you understand that this intelligence is omnipresent then you become connected to it. So I’ll give you an example. The internet is one mass electromagnetic cyber field. It’s not 50 internets. It’s ONE internet. Your different cellular of different technological devices compute this one omnipresent frequency. There is only one mind and one field of consciousness. Our different bodies are different computers. Some negas got Apples. Some negas got Dells. At the end of the day, you are all processing the mind for what is known as your brain which is a biological computing system. So, with that being said the mind, right, is what controls the physical world. Everything is made up of atoms. Atoms react to the mind. Once you go back to seeing yourself as the mind which is controlling an anatomical vessel to manifest a reality that you wish to experience, then you tap back into oneness. And being righteous makes sure that you manifest a reality that is not just positive for you but positive for all beings seen and unseen.

Now why is this important? People of this planet have forgotten this and have been untaught this purposefully. So now, if you walk outside and you see a tree, the average person does not say “this is me manifested in a different form.” They say “this is a tree, I don’t give a fuck about a tree.” So they chop it down build a city. The city is destroying the air. The trees job was to clean the air, and you done replaced the tree with a God damn industrial complex that’s polluting the air. You killed all the trees that were suppose to clean the air. And now you’re just fucking up the environment. You know why because you are no longer spiritually and psychologically connected to the environment. So once you understand that you have and anatomical…We are going beyond genetics here…You have an anatomical connection. Black people we have a melanated connection as well. But you have an anatomical connection to all things that you cannot escape. Then you know what you develop after that? A natural love. If you know that you are the tree, and you and the tree posses the same potentiality to reach into the same ethrofields of consciousness and pull out the same modules of information, because you’ll are made from the same module of infor-fucking-mation, the you develop a natural love and respect for the tree. Its called oneness. It’s called spirituality. It’s not about being corny. It’s not about being overly too goody two shoes. It is about understanding that you were tricked into believing that you are other than each other. Ok. So when you walk outside and you see grass. You are grass. Grass is you. Grass is you manifested in a different form of your own self, to experience your own self from another perspective. So some times, to understand yourself as an individual, you go more into more of a personalized thought pattern or train of thought to where you temporarily disconnect from other things. But at the end of the day you should always be able to return mentally to the understanding of oneness. So I’m going to go here and I’m going to say it even though some of your egos are not going to like it. Outside of genetic differences and variations, even Caucasians, even Asians, even these type of people. Anatomically we are the same. Now genetically and throughout other physiological structures, HELL NO! we’re not the same. We are different people. But you have to remember these atoms manifested themselves differently. Ok. And in the case of non-African people where not constructed by the universe which constructed the atoms. So when we say a GMO food. Yes a GMO apple and a regular apple are made up of the same atoms, but the manifestation and the reasoning for the existence of the GMO apple was not created by the universe. Which created the atoms which means the GMO apples are not of natural dissension. So this is why we can see so many genetic mutations and variances within the apples and we can see why the apple is causing so much harm to the people who eat it, that eat the GMO apple. Same thing with humans or humanoid entities. All non-Africans where created genetically modified by extraterrestrials. So even though we are still all anatomically made of the same substance and fabrics anatomically, as these atoms begin to manifest themselves we can find un-natural traits and patterns and sequences in the forming of these anatomical compositions which would become chemical elements, which become cells and organs then become organisms known as Caucasians and Asians and we can see why they cause so much destruction to nature. Because they were not made by nature. So let me give ya’ll an understanding. No body and nothing can disassociate themselves from the fabric anatomical origin. PERIOD.  You have matter and anti-matter. At the end of the day they are both forms of matter. Nobody can escape matter. But the form that this matter takes is predicated upon the consciousness of the person that’s forming it.

So we bring this back to why the earth is quarantined. It’s because not only do we not have a natural connection to all things once again it causes us to be ignorant and destructional. And less loving and compassionate. But we have been tricked to believe that we don’t have any power mean while we have never stopped using our power. And what is your power. To make the universe react and act according to your thoughts. So the thought level and frequency of this planet has become so disgusting and ignorant that an extraterrestrial is not going to let you come to their planet to where you are going to shift their reality. For example, you might go to a planet where there is no such thing as murder. This actually exists. Planet earth was like that before. Anybody who studies history will tell you there’s African civilizations, to where they did not even know what murder was. And the Europeans came in and got to killing and rapping and now when you go back to those same civilizations and tribes they are more violent than the initial Europeans who arrived because the adapted the consciousness of the entity that came and amplified the mother fucker. So now if you might go to Africa and say “why they slaughtering people in the jungle?” But if you study how they lived before the Caucasians came and taught them that behavior, who would think you were dealing with buddhist monks. So with that being said family, understand that you can’t express an action til the thought is actually downloaded into your head. There’s a movie that will actually exemplify this understanding, I believe it is called the giver where the counsel of elders was telling the youth how to think. And they didn’t even know what love was, kissing was, nothing. Because those thoughts weren’t even allowed into the community. And it wasn’t until an older person gave these thoughts to the younger person, where the younger person what able to dispense these thoughts out to the community and they were actually able to express them. And evolve as beings. Same thing with planet earth. You can’t exercise or portray an action until you think of it.

So coming back to the oneness disconnection. Everybody on the planet earth is egotistically feuding and destroying the planet earth right now due to them believing that their individual self is greater than the anatomical self, and not just themselves but this planet. As well as the things in this universe. And now once we understand that. We understand that we are interconnected to all things. So for example if you throw…everything you do affects the world of another creature. Or let me give you another example. Or organism…for scientific terms. So the air the sky is a world. Just because you don’t fucking live up there, that don’t mean there’s not beings who like to live up there. Birds like to live up there. And other creatures of flight. So if you pollute the God damn air you are destroying the world of an entire species. If you chop down the rain forest, just because you don’t live in there doesn’t mean other things don’t live in there, snakes live in there, tarantula’s live in there, tiger, jaguars, all kind of shit live in a rain forest. And not just one kind. You have different species that live at different levels. So if you chop down a whole fuckin rain forest, as we’ve been doing , you are destroying the world of an organism. AKA, making things go extinct. Now look at how many mother fuckin animals have gone extint on this planet and is on the God damn endangered species list, you think an extraterrestrial is going to let you come to they shit and do the same shit with your ignorant stupid ass? Fuck no! If I was up there I would quarantine your…, I would zap your ass. I would not be as nice. I would zap the fuck out you. Soon as you came out there. I wouldn’t even turn you around (to send you back). So with that being said family, you have to understand why this world is not being allowed to evolve. Because the Government has instigated institutional factions which hold back consciousness. But they only work if you are a lazy ass mother fucker who don’t want to use your own free will to override and be a better person. So this world is being held back. Not forcefully but willingly by its own self due to its illogical fear that people have of something that does not even exist. So with that being said. Bringing back to oneness disconnection. When you see something you develop a greater relationship and a potential evolving circumstance where you understand that you are inner connected to what it is your dealing with. Everything is just a different manifestation of you. And everything in your life is just a different aspect of yourself that you have attracted. So let me give you an example right, if a person is a rapist, right, that person is not rape. Rape is a potentiality of something that you could potentially express. Ok. So technically, Everybody’s a rapist. But do you act on that thought? No. So if you don’t act on something you don’t become something. So what it is, is that the people that you hang with are nothing more than reflections of who you are. Everything is interconnected. So what we do is we don’t understand that there is ugly parts in all of us. That we could accidentally fall victim to. Right. So we judge people who have fallin victim to the same potentiality that we could our selves, if we create a cast system which never allows for healing. Because we don’t see oneness. So I’ll give you an example, right. Mother fuckers say, No I’m not giving white people an out. Let me give the disclaimer. White people have done some horrible shit on this planet. But we are in 2017 right now and we are dealing with what is going on now. We are not in the 1920s. Now right now, everybody is doing some fuckery. Now the that being said, or you might say white police officers are killing black people. Well black people is killing black people to. So at the end of the day, what is racism. Because if you said a white man kill a black man because he was racist but a black man killed a black man because of the color of his gang that’s actually another form of racism in it’s ignorant context. So at the end of the day, can a white person be racism? Can a white person be violence? No you can not be the God damn…Can you be a color? You can’t be red. You can paint that color though and express it. But you can’t be it. So with that being said you can’t be an emotion. You can’t be anger. You can experience anger. You can’t be it. So with that being said everybody has the potentiality to BE, because we are all interconnected as ONE anatomically. And the consciousness of an atom sits in the nucleus of that atom, and if you want to get all the way down to the science. The photons in that atom, not protons, photons actually sits at the 33rd vertebrae inside of your spine and help permeate this consciousness through you. So with that being said this is why everybody does not have what I call a soul, a solar connection, melanin but every has a consciousness, because melanin gives you that soul, solar connection, that you download through the souls of your hand, the souls of your feet. And your solarplexes from the cosmos but if you don’t have melanin you don’t have a soul, a solar connection. But everything has a consciousness, which is formulated by photons that sit in the 33rd vertebrae of the spine. So with that being said, once again, that’s why masonry only goes up to the 33 degrees. But coming back to my point. Right.

What you have to understand is we are judging each other off of the characteristics that we hate within ourselves. For example, a bully is not really bullying people because he thinks their weak. It’s something inside of himself that he is insecure about and so he is expressing it on you to convince himself that he does not have this fear. See, you have to study psychology. White people don’t oppress black people because they think we are animals and because they think we are savages. Right, that’s what they want you to think. White people suppress black people because they have a subconscious fear of us being who they know we truly are. Nobody suppresses you because they don’t fucking like you. I got a million mother fuckers I don’t like. And you know what I do, I stay the fuck away from them. Nobody trolls and harasses people that they don’t like. They troll and haras people that they love. You don’t be around a nega you don’t like. Let’s just keep it all the way 100. Europeans see the greatness in African people that we no longer see in our selves. You know why, cuz they took it away from us. They know we build them God damn pyramids. We just don’t mother fuckin know that. We’ll the majority of black people don’t know that. So it’s easy for them to create an envy around you because they are seeing you in your weakest form, when they know you have a greater form. But yet the potentiality of greatness exists in everybody as so long as you can genetically carry yourself there, or if you have the melanin proponents to carry yourself there.

So bring it back to my point. We are ignorant on this planet, of being all interconnected. And we have not learned to not only accept the faults with ourselves but the things that make us great. And so we have to be created feuds and egos and fictitious personalities to battle each other predicated upon potentialities that we all have inside of us. Everybody can jump. Negas if you don’t have melanin you can’t jump as high as me. That don’t mean you can’t jump as high as somebody who is genetically equivalent to you can jump. But be the greatest you can be and let me be the greatest I can be. And haven’t learning to live this way because we have not learned to see each other as extension of each other at different levels. So until we can understand this interconnectedness of oneness once again the consciousness of this planet is going to continue to be destroyed. So with that it is going to continue to be quarantined. So with that being said where not saying excuse, make excuses for what other people do. What we are saying is take responsibility for what it is we do. Animals live in harmony by living in isolation. Think about that. Animals live in harmony by living in isolation. Mother fuckin, deers don’t live with lions. Lions got to go out and hunt. So guess what the deers will have to do. If deers knew they were being hunted by lions should intellectually if they had the capacity, hypothetically speaking, form a module to where they could ward of the lion. So we are not saying don’t act like that there are people on this planet earth that are ignorant and mean us harm. What we are saying is you should form a module that prevents that as well as take the measures to make sure your environment is suitable for you. So I’m going to say it again. Animals live in harmony by living in isolation. They only live with their species. And the environment that they live in allows them to grow to their fullest potential. People live in conflict and discord living together. Why is that? Because you have different species of people, Ok, trying to force themselves to be like somebody that they are not. So on the outside layer, we are only inner connected. We’re not the same on the outside. So I’m going to give you the blueprint again. Atoms are intelligent. But they take different forms. Atoms become cells. Molecules become cells, cells become organs, organs become organisms, organisms become organism. Do you know how many different organisms there are on this planet alone? Do you know how many different organisms there are in a lake alone? Do you know how much bacteria is in a lake? If I spit on the ground do you know how many different bacteria and life forms are in my spit alone. So with that being said family, you have to understand that we are all interconnected anatomically and we are all just different variations of the original blue print of consciousness. So we are all one. All the finger on the hand. If you got five fingers on the hand. Right, you don’t say “my five fingers and a base” right. You say the hand. All of my five fingers are symbolic to different organisms. Whether it be black, white, Japanese, alien, extra-mother fuckin extraterrestrial, worms, parasites, All of these are the fingers. Right, that make up the hand. All of these make up the different organs that came from the original blue print. Which was atoms. Which was the hand. These different organs interact with each other predicated upon their natural genetic sequence, synchronized instruction. So if you’re not natural you’re going to interact with people not naturally. And the universe naturally irradiates people that are not natural due to the lack of melanin. So that being said. It’s not your job to be trying to force your ideology or force somebody else to believe in your frequency. Your job is to ascend and reconnect and create this planet to a more peacefully habitable zone so that we can re-ascend back into a state we once we in.

Now I’ll give you an example right. When we’re talking about spectrum creational and destruction awareness, everything is inner connected so bringing this back to my previous point right. If you throw oil in the ocean you don’t live in the ocean so you don’t really give a fuck about the life that your destroying. Plus you don’t see yourself as a different manifestation of water, cause your made up of 85% water and your destroying water which means your destroying an extension of yourself, or a form of yourself that you’re not currently in and water is conscious and it holds memory and this is a scientific fact. So water actually knows that your destroying it. This is why when you pollute the water too much the water comes and kills your ass back, in the form of what is called the tsunami. So with the being said, everything defends itself. Now bring this back to the fold, when you pollute the water that’s not your world. You’re not an aquatic being. You’re an earth being. Ok. But there are water beings. Such as fish, dolphins, sea horses, sharks, shit that lives at the bottom of the ocean that’s never been discovered. You have transparent life forms; all kind of shit lives in the ocean. But you don’t give a fuck because your throwing oil in there. So now you are cause a riff in somebody else’s world. So that would be equivalent to BIG ASS piece of fuckin McDonald’s just coming down the size of a country and just landing on our country and just fuckin our shit up. Imagine if an ignorant ass giant out there on some galactic, galactix X-men size mother fucker just through some God damn trash on our planet and destroyed it. They would be negatively affecting our world. Now why is this important. Everything is interconnected. It is a fact.

If you take an atom way over here and you cause a differentiation in the atom, the atom over there is going to manifest that same affect. Everything is interconnected. If I hit myself right now, believe it or not in same way or form it has affected you. So with that being said. When you become conscious of this, right, you develop a more positive pattern of expressing yourself because you understand that your actions just don’t affect you they affect others without others even being consciously privy to it. And the only reason you gain an understanding is when you study your atomic self. So we are deeper than what we see. And the fact that we have become spiritually blind is the reason we have not become spiritually evolved. If extraterrestrials have quarantined this planet earth, for many reasons, but this one being a primary one. You are not a spiritually intellectual being yet. You are book smart. You are not spirit smart. It’s two different types of intelligences. There’s a recorded intelligence to which you reincarnate. You right it down. So that you can re-obtain it again. If you can’t automatically do it genetically. And then you have a spiritual know to where you just know. You can’t teach…There’s no book where you can teach a mother fucker how to channel. You just channel. You just know. Some things you just know. So with that being said. Due to us no longer seeing not just, ourselves as people but all things as one, right, we have been disconnected from oneness. You are made up of the same, stock. You are made up of the same science called star dust. Which is this intergalactic chemical which helps to make up your psychological self. You have melanin. You are made up of chemicals that’s found…every planet in this solar system…the inventory of what this planet is made of. Is in everyone of us as we watch this video. But you don’t give a fuck about the other planets. You don’t give a fuck about the moon. You don’t give a fuck about nothing. And you don’t give a fuck about yourself because you are everything. So this is why it is so detrimental. This is why religion was so detrimental to the psychology of all humanoids, because it took away our natural connection to all things, and gave the responsibility to an imaginary deity who is actually us. We are god. We are what created everything, because we are the mind. So this level of intelligence is not yet understood by this planet because everybody is in their infancy stage because we are being educated by someone who has a pack with the extraterrestrial that has a negative intention for people spiritually not to grow.

So with that being said. When we talking about, you know, the spiritual evolution of this planet. I’m going to bring back up Steven Greer. When you research Steven Greer, who provides more than enough government documentation of USAP programs, aka. Unacknowledged special access programs which are government programs which are not know to the president or the head of the cia, that are being conducted and thousands and millions and trillions of tax dollars spent every year on extraterrestrial underground programs, right, when you get into this you’ll see that it is document. Planet earth is not even what you would consider a level one planet. So let me break down what a level one civilization would be. A level one civilization would be when a planet, when all the people on the planet have learn to live harmoniously with the planet. Meaning the live off free energy because they have the technology to do it, right. We live harmoniously and in accord with natural resources. We are no longer polluting or destroying any bio fields or environments of any life forms and we have learned to be become dietarily hurba(vors)…dietary vegan as possible. For example in ancient times the planet achieved a level one civilization where ancient civilizations were made out of specific stones and rocks, and were naturally powered such as Egypt was powered by the urnel river and acted as an electrical industrial planet. For the entire civilization 30,000 years ago. But you even see that with the Indians over here, which were actually black people. How they were vegans during spring and summer and they ate meat during fall and winter because they had to. But everybody was in conformity with level one civilization standards. We are at level fucking zero. We’re not even ranked. So extraterrestrials rank us zero. So with that being said. Why are we zero? So with that being said why are we zero? Because we eat every fucking thing. We’re consumers. We have learned how to stop being consumers yet. We eat people. We eat dead mother fucker. Listen mother fuckers is killing kids, chopping them up, putting in McDonalds food. And you got some mother fuckers in these Masonic lodges eating mother fuckers while they are alive. You’ve got people eating animals. You’ve got people feeding off each other spiritually, emotionally, mother fuckers is energetically draining. Some people start arguing because they feed off negative energy. This planet has become energetically disgusting and sick. Everybody has become a consumer. Long story short, all we do is consume, consume, consume. And we never put back. No has learned how to product let alone recycle what you’ve produced. You’re too busy consuming off of what somebody else is consuming spiritually. So this capitalistic consumer mentality all is in a range of keeping spiritually vibrating low, when life can be twenty times better. One cubic centimeter of space, right, has enough power to power America energy free for one year. That’s a centimeter of space? Do you know how Fucking BIG the space is in this God Damn planet? So why are we not utilizing what is known as zero point energy. To help upgrade the leaving circumstances of this planet, to better the life of people world wide.  Because somebody wants to make a dollar. You know why, because your energy is still being put to valuing the dollar. So whatever you value is what somebody can hold over your head. So with that being said. If we value creating a better planet. Then we will start working towards that. Cause since we value to see who can get the most money, then we are being capitalized due to our spiritual ignorance and blindness, in the fact that we have became…we have been tricked into becoming made as dependents instead of independence. So with that being said, planet earth is under quarantine until all of this shit gets fixed worked out. And there is there’s a thousand other reasons that I did not name in this video. But I wanted to keep it as precise as possible with the oneness. We are all interconnected. Whether you like it or not. And if somebody does something that you don’t like that don’t mean that they are the action they just experienced and exercised the thought that they aloud to come within their mind. Everybody thinks the same thing sometimes. I want to slap a mother fucker sometimes. You do too. The only difference is I might actually do it and you might not. So that don’t mean that I am the expression of slapping people. That means I expressed the thought. So we have to start cleaning out the thought patterns on this planet earth in order to achieve oneness. This is what meditation is for. To clean out your mind. What the fuck are we suppose to do with that. Just like there’s way, you don’t tell a mother fucker “Go on your computer and clear your hard drive.” If they not computer or tech savy they won’t know how to go in there and destroy and delete the negative entities in the computer. Same thing with your mind. So with that being said. We have to learn how to meditate. How to purge our mind. How to elevate levels of consciousness? How to see what is a lie and what is the truth? And to see how industrial complexes are purposefully kicking miss-information to agitate your inner form. This is why you can’t see. So the inner form of people as I broke down in my video information determination, right, your inner form has all been compromised, from everything but oneness. So we are not saying that people on this planet earth have not committed atrocities, and nobody should pay for their actions. It’s called karma, it is going to happen to everybody.

But what I’m saying is nobody has learned to fix them own selves. See a racist police officer can’t fix a criminal. And a criminal can’t fix a piece of shit police officer. The only people who can correct them is themselves. And you know how they’re going to make this correction; they have to learn how to see each other as each other. The cop is going to have to learn how to say “you know what, this negas is just doing shit that I’ve evening thought about doing, or he is falling victim to a system that I am ignorantly up holding. So let me do what I have to do to make this world better so that this being does not even experience these thoughts because they don’t exist.” And what the criminal is going to have to do is he going say “You know what, this cop is just doing shit that I’ve done. We’ve bother broken the law the only things is I have taken the fall for it. So you know what, let me switch my life style up and start to do thing to where this system does not exist to where I don’t have another mother fucker oppressing me because we are living harmoniously together. So with that being said people are expressing energies that potentially exist for all of us and the reason we judge them is because we are in denial that their doing things that exist within all of us. Everyone has the potential to be a thief. What makes you not a thief is the fact that you don’t act on that motha fuckin thought or even entertain it. There’s people do that I don’t even fathom of doing. And that’s the reason that I don’t do it because it is not on my mind. So whatever is on your mind is what you begin to, whatever information is being fed to your brain is what you begin to take the inner form of. And the people of this planet have taken the form of being consumers, capitalist scamming ass, lying ass, bitch ass, fuck negas ass people. And this is why the world is fucked up. And this is why extraterrestrials have quarantine this planet. And this is why people fail to come out of the slump that they are in. Because they are ignorant to the fact that they are continuously creating their own slump to be in. So once people learn to remember that we are energetically all connected. And you should not litter. You know why you should not litter? Because you are killing animals that are actually and extension of you. So you’re killing you. So if you kill an entire race of animals you never know how you fucked yourself over in another way. I’ll give you an example. If you mow down every fuckin forest to build night clubs the their will be no more vegetation to convert your carbon dioxide back into oxen. So your suffocating on this planet and die because you can’t breath because you were ignorant to the fact that you were cutting off the respiratory system of the planet, cuz yuz’ a dumb motha fucker.

So with that being said family, your actions affect different spectrums of beings. Period. So have to be aware of what you do. Not only of what you can see but more importantly of what you can’t see. Spirits exist. You don’t think negative energy fucks up the atmosphere for them. Why do think you sage? You sage just to make the atmosphere better for you. You might of fucked up the atmosphere of a spirit. If you go to a waterfall, it’s a spirit in there. You don’t know if this ghost been livin at this water–, this might be this beings home. This may be the home of this particular consciousness and frequency. This is why when you see people conjure spirits they always go to certain places. Because certain spirits live at certain locations on the map. On the latitude and longitude map, energetic map. So with that being said, if you go to a waterfall and you rape motha fuckers and kill them and throw them into the waterfall and now the waterfalls all bloody and you done fucked up this whole area you ain’t just fucked up this living zone for us you done fucked it up for the spirits that like to be here. PERIOD. This is why we motha fuckin like vacations. Because it makes our spirit feel good and frequencies attract light. So if I put something positive her I’m going to attract positive. If you put something negative here you’re going to attract negative. So this is why, motha fuckin, when you watch a scary movie you be scared of the dark. You know why? Because you are attracting that frequency upon this environment if you was never introduced to that you wouldn’t view it as that. So, if you commit an action within an environment, (definition of environment circumstances which influence living organisms) You don’t only affect me and you. You affect the spirits that exist there. So when you look at America. America is a demonic ass place. Planet earth, period, right now is a demonic ass place. Cuz that’s all we’ve been doing is converting our environment to demonic ass frequencies which attract demonic ass beings. So you don’t have angelic beings in a motha fuckin carter projects with neon brown. What the fuck would an angelic being doing in a house full of crack smokers. It has no job to do. Because there is no righteous frequency around. So why would the ancestors be in the strip club. What the fuck is wrong with you. Why would the fuckin Ancestors or Angelic being be in an underground cloning facility. We have to start composing the infrastructure and geomancy productions that we are building on this planet in order to reconvert the totality of energy on the planet. And until we do that we are going to be on quarantine. It’s almost planetary punishment. You’re not allowed to leave. Only a select few people is allow communication with extraterrestrial or inner stellar travel. And you’re not allowed to have the full potential experience that you could have with other organisms. Because you’s a dumb motha fucka so you’re on time out. So when I said planet earth is like the ghetto of the solar system. Guess what it is, and it is documented by the Government. So everybody got to clean their shit up. And this is about understanding that this is about being bigger than you and your individual ego. Nobody gives a fuck about how you feel. Black white, Chinese, none of that. Because there’s animals in the zoo. Which are prisons for animals. So no matter who wins. Are you going to let the animal out the zoo? Is anyone of you dumb fuckers going to let the animal out the zoo. Is anyone of you dumb fuckers going to stop polluting the ocean? So if what is on everybody’s mind is not building a energy free world, where we can all live free of pollutants and eat evenly and for fee. Because this what can be fucking done, ok, and we are not building our levels consciousness and spirituality to become greater being genetically, physically and mentally, then you got it wrong. I don’t give a fuck what you talkin about. I don’t give a fuck about black lives matter, I don’t give a fuck about white lives matter, I don’t give a fuck about none of the shit you’re talking about, I don’t give a fuck about your favorite TV show, none of that. I don’t give a fuck about negas selling drugs and I don’t give a fuck about police doing crime. You know why because both of you motha fuckas have the wrong motha fuckin idea on what life is about. So the only thing that should be on your mind is learning electrical engineer, learning nano technology, learning other field of science so that we can build energy free technologies that we all can benefit from and become a level one civilization. So if we’re not talking about becoming a level one civilization planetarily, I don’t give a fuck what your talking bout. I don’t give a fuck about voting. I don’t give a fuck about your favorite mayor, I don’t give a fuck about Lebran James or Stephen Curry. I don’t give a fuck about none of that shit you negas talkin bout. I don’t give a fuck about who got the number one rap album because they are all distractions. Distracting you from what? Becoming a level one planetary civilization. So with that being said, extraterrestrials have quarantined this planet for this exact reason and until we start working towards becoming a level one planet, a level one civilized planet it’s a rap. And shit is only going to continue to get worse because it is only continuing to get worse in your mind. So things only start to get better when they get better in your mind. So with that being said, right now after watching this video is everything you mental do going to be for the better or for the worse of not just yourself but everything you do which is an extension of yourself? So don’t be ignorant to the ego when you can be wise to the mind. And with that being said family I love ya’ll peace.

BFN Interview w/ Young Pharaoh: “85% of White Ppl Have No Soul”

http://youngpharaoh.net/             www.theblackwomanisgod.one

Extraterrestrial Existence

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Astrophysics and Katy Perry

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry

Hardcover May 2, 2017 by Neil deGrasse Tyson (Author) 

The #1 New York Times Bestseller: The essential universe, from our most celebrated and beloved astrophysicist.

What is the nature of space and time? How do we fit within the universe? How does the universe fit within us? There’s no better guide through these mind-expanding questions than acclaimed astrophysicist and best-selling author Neil deGrasse Tyson.

But today, few of us have time to contemplate the cosmos. So Tyson brings the universe down to Earth succinctly and clearly, with sparkling wit, in tasty chapters consumable anytime and anywhere in your busy day.

While you wait for your morning coffee to brew, for the bus, the train, or a plane to arrive, Astrophysics for People in a Hurry will reveal just what you need to be fluent and ready for the next cosmic headlines: from the Big Bang to black holes, from quarks to quantum mechanics, and from the search for planets to the search for life in the universe.


Neil deGrasse Tyson was born in New York City the same week NASA was founded. His interest in the universe traces back to age 9, after a first visit to the Hayden Planetarium of the American Museum of Natural History. He was educated in the public schools of New York City through his graduation from the Bronx High School of Science. And after an BA in Physics from Harvard and a PhD in Astrophysics from Columbia and a Postdoctoral research fellowship at Princeton, Tyson become the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium, where he has served since 1996.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Astrophysics and Katy Perry video interview.

Transcript for hearing impaired people. Not perfect but the just it present.

Transcript for hearing impaired people. Not perfect but the just is present.

Song: Can I get a witness.
Neil: let’s have a seat
Katy: Thank You so much. Uh, it’s called star talk.
Neil: Star talk
Katy: Oh my gosh, and how long have you been doing the show?
Neil: So, For many years we first started with a grant from the national science foundation. What we found was, there are people who we know like science, so they’ll just tune into any science show at all. And how bout’ the people who don’t know that they’ll like science. Or better yet the people who are pretty sure that they don’t like science.
Katy: Why don’t people like science?
Neil: Well, I don’t know. Maybe they might fear it. Maybe they did not do well in school.
Katy: I think that their scared of it; scared of the unknown.
Neil: exactly, so what we do…
Katy: I’m scared of the unknown sometimes.
Neil: Well, I think for me the unknown is a seduction. It’s like you don’t know what is there, come closer.
Katy: Yes
Neil: This is why people go into haunted houses, they don’t know what’s there and they’re pulled in.
Katy: Sure
Neil: So with star talk my gets are never scientists, or hardly ever scientists. They are people, people have heard of hewn from pop culture. Then I have a conversation with them about their geek underbelly.
Katy: well I just reveal in my therapy that I am a major dork. So I am ready to dork out.
Neil: Your in a dork safe space with me. Cause all we’re going to do is totally geek out.
Katy: Amazing
Neil: So you ready to begin
Katy: Yes, I’d love to
Neil: Well Thank you for agreeing
Katy: You’re an inspiring person and an incredible magnificent mind.
Neil: I’d got good material (Neil laughs)
Katy: Oh ok good
Neil: The universe is good material
Katy: You do a lot of reading
Neil: So of course I did some homework on you, and so in modern (can’t make out word) I guess we would say you were home schooled, right I mean you were tutured by teachers
Katy: we’ll I went to Christian school, I was…we moved around a lot my parents started churches all around the country. So we would live in one space for only like a year and a half or so. And we would move so I would be taken out of different schools that were kind of pop up schools or maybe like, you know…
Neil: So there were no science and math teachers that had any influence on you; positive or negative?
No, not particular. I wasn’t ever good at math. I was always promised no math. There will be no math on this show.

Neil: Maybe by the end you’ll be good it.
Katy: I know. Is math really in science.
Neil: Math is the language of the universe.
Katy: Numbers
Neil: If you want to go to china and speak to Chinese people you learn mandarin…yah ok. You go to Spain you learn Spanish. You want to go to the universe you learn math. It’s that simple. I mean, It’s that straight forward.
Katy: I know that people, have done this before on your show but I just want to go and do it once (katy makes an explosion sound with her mouth. Neil laughs)
Neil: So that’s why math is so fundamental and it’s kind of mysterious because we invented math out of our head yet  it applies across the universe and across time.
Katy: Right
Neil: So it’s completely amazing
Katy: Amazing
Neil: This thing that came out of our head even works, to describe…
Katy: Did we invent it.
Neil: Yah, we kind of invented it
Katy: As a language.
Neil: Yah, as a language to communicate with great precision what’s going on in the natural world. Because regular language is not precise enough.
Katy: Right, it’s all so different
Neil: That’s why regular language is good for emotions and other things that are kind of fuzzy and abstract. You know. When it comes time to actually measure something you need the math.
Katy: measure twice. Cut once. (Neil laughs)
Neil: Are you a carpenter in your spare time?
Katy: No, I’m just a word smith and I like sayings.
Neil: Oh Beautiful. I love it. I love it. So looking at your career, I learned that you can span for octives? Is that right?
Katy: Um, I don’t know if I have ever counted them but yes I go very high and I can go pretty low.
Neil: How low can you go? (Neil demonstrates the low rage of his voice as he speaks the line)
Katy: Oh, oh, wowh. I have been crying and screaming so I am not quite sure. (Neil laughes)
Neil: I saw part of that therapy session and I’m like hmmhuhh. I’ve got to come in after that.
Katy:  No, listen, I’m so happy to be with you. You make me very happy.
Neil: Let’s see if we can elevate you into the universe (Katy smiles).
Katy: Yah, I spun out. I was spun for a second.
Neil: Ok, alright. Uh, umh, so four octaves; that’s not common I guess. Is that right? I’m not a musician so…
Katy: I don’t know exactly. I’m defiantly Mariah Carey or Celine Dion or no Beyonce.
Neil: Ok
Katy: But they are other worldly.
Neil: So the more octaves the better I guess?
Katy: Yes, Like Arriana Grande is like, The Best.
Neil: So your buds with her?
Katy: Yes, of course. Well, no not of course. I don’t want you to assume; you know the saying about assumption? It makes an ass out of you…Uh no, but she’s great.
Neil: Yah, so tell me about your previous album, I love the title prism. Where you thinking prism. Prism is like a physics thing. It’s a piece of glass,
Katy: It’s a reflection…
Neil:…it is triangular, it takes white light and breaks it into it’s component colors. Where you thinking that or did you have another application for that, for of the word prism?
Katy: Well, I had someone call me a prism. And it seemed like a compliment.
Neil: Yah, I would take that as a compliment.
Katy: It was a compliment.
Neil: You take ordinary light and break it to all of it’s beautiful colors.
Katy: Oh (Neils connection excites Katy, she is pleased)
Neil: That was geek brilliant.
Katy: And the called me a prism and it stuck with me because I do think that, that’s what I do sometimes, through my songs, I take in information. I digest it and I make song out of it. And I go (Katy makes a sound with her mouth and gestures her hands as if to gesture that the information in the songs starts from a main focal area and then disperses out and multiplies out to many more areas) and it turns into all these colors. And that’s why were sitting in a rainbow right now.
Neil: This is a beautiful space here, yes.
Katy: It’s bit of a prism.
Neil: I love what you’ve done with the place.
Katy: Thank you
Neil: So a prism….
Katy: But I did not know that if was so science based.
Neil: It’s completely science based. And Issac
Katy: Secretly I’ve loved science my whole life and I did not even know it.
Neil: Exactly, this is the geek underbelly that we’re exploring. So, prism, a white light comes in, and you know what happens….?
Katy: What
Neil: ….Through glass the colors of white light which are the colors of the rainbow which freaks out artists cause you say “take white light. What is it composed of?” Red orange yellow green blue indigo violet. It’s kind of crazy but it is real. It is a real universe. And the universe is under no obligation to make sense. You should start there.
Katy: Truly. Ok.
Neil: So what happens is that the different colors travel through the glass at different speeds. And the break apart from one another. And they emerge on this other side as a beautiful rainbow. And you can remember the colors because it’s ROYGBIV ?”
Katy: Yes I remember that.
Red orange yellow green blue indigo violet
Neil: It’s a beautiful thing Sir Isaac Newton discovered it.
Katy: Love him.
Neil: Love me some Isaac Newton
Katy: I have a crush on him and Socrates
Neil: Is that right? Ooh! Oh so wait minute. So that accounts for your one phase bio.
Katy: (Katy laughs) What do you mean
Neil: “I know nothing”
Katy: Is it?
Neil: it’s Plato via Socrates
Katy: I did not even know that. I just kept…
Neil: So that means your deeply plug in to the pulse of philosophers through out time
Katy: Well, I appreciate philosophy and science so much, and spirituality of course and the things I don’t understand I appreciate. And the more I thurst for knowledge…because, I’m so thirsty…if I’m thirsting for one thing, it’s knowledge right…
Neil: Not enough people are
Katy: And education, and so I love educating myself and I’m such sponge and I’m so curious, and that’s where it’s got me here, but the more that I learn, the more I realize that, I know nothing.
Neil: Well what happens is that the area of your knowledge grows so to does the perimeter of your ignorance (Katy syes being blown away by the awesomeness of Neils statement) because that’s the boundary for what is know within the circle and what is unknown outside of it. So, everything you learn you stand in a new place, see things you never even knew you didn’t know.
Katy: I know. That’s the thing. You know, what I thought I knew four months ago, I’ve changed my mind and it’s not because I’m a woman.
Neil: It’s because your curious
Katy: It’s because I’m curious, darnit.
Neil: And in fact the people that never make mistakes are the people who are not on any frontier at all.
Katy: I make a ton of mistakes. This whole thing might be a mistake Neil and Katy both laugh)
Neil: So, Plato is remember amongst many things for saying “I know only one thing, and that is that I don’t know nothing”
Katy: Oh shot dog. Maybe I have a crush on Plato too.
Neil: Awe yes. And that came through Socrates.
Katy: Were they alive at the same time.
Neil: I don’t remember their birth death dates, especially since the give them in BC death dates and they go down instead of up.
Katy: I was promised no math (Neil laughs and eases out the subject)
Neil: So just to…Realizing that I knew that you had sort of a soul of curiousity and you embrace not knowing…people fear not knowing when in fact it’s the not knowing ; If all you do is not know and don’t care that you don’t know, that’s disaster. But if you don’t know and care that you don’t know, and then are curious to find out the world is yours.
Katy: To me that’s being an active witness.
Neil: Ok. That works.
Katy: So, sometimes your just a voyeur. And I like have voyeur’s in the house, and they are watching. That’s a participation of sorts.
Neil: (looks around and say’s) each one of these are cameras.
Katy: These are all cameras.
Neil: Wow that’s cool (continuing to look around as Katy points in specific directions)
Katy: And then I have a room in the house that people can come in and peak through a whole and see me. And, that is a voyeur…
Neil: So that’s not creepy?
Katy: It’s all super creepy. But life is creepy. (Neil laughs).
Neil: It’s just a subset of creepiness that is life itself.
Katy: Listen, I think that we are being witnessed in so many different ways. It’s just…
Neil: So what’s other camera
Katy: It’s just the tip of the ice burg.
Neil: Ok, alright…A little thing about the ice burg. Just so you have numbers.
Katy: Segway
Neil: Ya good, 90% of an ice burg is below water.
Katy: 90
Neil: 90%
Katy: Wow
Neil: Right, so you see these images with the Titanic, in the old days. The ice burg was really big. No, that’s not…
Katy: That’s not even the biggest part.
You could have a little bit of ice sticking out of the water; 90% of it is under water
Katy: Always, always? That’s always how it is. Is that how it floats?
Neil: It’s basically the same as your ice cubes, in water.
Katy: Right, so the bottom half as well
Neil: Yes, 90% is sinking below, 10% pops up above.
Katy: Ice cubes are just mini little ice burgs. Booougghh. (Neil and Katy laugh)
Neil: Ok, I’ve got two out of you.
Katy: Yes.
Neil: Two mind blown. So with prism, one of your songs on that album if I remember correctly is “ET”
Katy: That was on “Teenage dream”
Neil: Tell me your relationship with ET.
Katy: Well it’s just a metaphor.
Neil: I think about ET all the time.
Katy: You do?
Neil: Well I think about it literally.
Katy: No, I know you do, and I do to. Can I just get a little strange…
Neil: No Go! I’m in your space. Go!
Katy: Why are there 7 billion people? And why do each one of us have our own figure print?
Neil: Even twins, have different finger prints.
Katy: Why?
Neil: …who are otherwise genetically identical.
Katy: Why!
Neil: would you rather that we were all the same?
Katy: No, I’m just asking why?
Neil: Why is that more odd to then the fact that we all have different personalities? We have different talents…
Katy: But personalities can be based on…
Neil: what you learn
Katy: …environment. Nurture and not just nature.
Neil: Right
Katy: So, I thought about it the other day and it kind of made me spin. It’s just like we all have different figure prints. Ok. I get it. Grand design.
Neil: Well so, it is an intriguing fact. But here is something that may relate. There are more people who could be born, than will ever be born. So we have 7 billion people on earth, the genetic code is capable of making trillions of variations of humans. Trillions. So I did not say that right. The way I need to say it is, most people…most people who could be born will never be born. Will never even exits. So the fact that…
Katy: Like sperm
Neil: That’s an [excellent example] yes. Yah. One gets in.
Katy: I mean that’s science.
Neil: The rest don’t.
Katy: So where do they go?
Neil: Their dead. Their life forms
Katy: bur, bur, bur, bur!
Neil: Their part of number of human beings. That will never ever be born. So the few of us…
Katy: Well is that because there is not enough souls? There is already so mean people in the world.
Neil: That would be something if we ran out of souls. What would a soulless person look like? Behave like? If you…
Katy: Well sometimes a soul feels like it’s been here before. That’s more of an esoteric thing.
Neil: Well yah. The problem is when you actually do the experiment…
Katy: Well sometimes science and the esoteric world, like spiritual and science world they intermingle, because you know sometimes it’s all about faith. And not knowing.
Neil: Well it can be. However, so, I have some spiritual things in the universe I think.
Katy: Ya
Neil: They give me a, uh. There are things in the universe when I think about them, they, I feel what I think religious people feel when they have a religious experience.
Katy: Ya
Neil: And so I am wondering if it is reaching the same part…
Katy: Different dimension
Neil: …of our inner selves. So for example what I’ve learned, and study that the molecules of your body, the atoms were actually forged in the cores of stars that lived in a distant part of our galaxy and died billions of years ago, scattering this enrichment across the galaxy into new gas clouds that then collapsed and formed new star systems including the solar system, including planets.
Katy: There’s got to be a God.
Neil: On one planet life. And among the life on that planet; Humans.
Katy: Sure. And that’s the evolutions
Neil: So that’s what I’m saying. Not only are we in this universe, We’re living and alive in this universe. The universe is alive within us. We are not figuratively but literally star dust. To me that’s almost a spiritual gift…
Katy: Sure.
Neil: …of astrophysics. Modern astrophysics to civilizations. I think about that all the time.
Katy: And everything is energy.
Neil: And well. It’s a combination of mass and energy. Ya, if you put them together. Because the can transform. E equals mc square.
Katy: Right
Neil: When did you learn E equals mc squared. (Neil laughs)
Katy: No, ya. I really did
Neil: Very important equation. Put that at the top of your equation list.
Katy: And like with sound waves. Even like with songs. You listen to them. If they go through water. Like that’s the ripple effect.
Neil: Ya so, ya so sound can go through a media to another.
Katy: Right
Neil: That’s a very interesting thing. We are accustomed to hearing music as it is coming to us through air. But imagine the sound came to us in some other way.
Katy: Aren’t there notes that can make you do things. Well, like they can break glass.
Neil: Well yah, at a higher frequency of note.
Katy: And also poop your pants.
Neil: Yah (Neil laughs)
Katy: That what they call the brown note (Neil laughs)
Neil: I had not heard that one.
Katy: You hadn’t. Well I don’t know if it is real. I want you to be the one to tell me it’s real.
Neil: If such a note exists, I bet it is a low frequency note…
Katy: ya. It makes you just drop you bowls.
Neil: …that just gets through and jiggles your inner body…
Katy: Your gut
Neil: Well speaking of your gut. Speaking of your gut…
Katy: Your second brain.
Neil: …this cosmic perspective that I think about all the time, is what the world looks like from above. Looking down, it looks different.
Katy: Ya
Neil: You look at earth through space, there are not color coded countries. There is just land
Katy: Yah
Neil: Ocean, clouds and…
Katy: Ya
Neil: And as nature intends you to think about it…
Katy: Ya
Neil: …and see it. The cosmic perspective do not always come from the universe it can come from, it can also come from biology.
Neil: Deep inside your gut…
Katy: Ya
Neil: …one centimeter of your lower colon
Katy: Ya
Neil: Lives and works more  bacteria then there are humans would ever be born. And we want to think that we can in charge. Just…You know what you to a bacteria?
Katy: What?
Neil: You just a vessel of dark anaerobic fecal matter, to a bacteria.
Katy: Oh my gosh. Neil just called me a vessel of anaerobic…I’m basically hooked…
Neil: …to a bacteria. K. Now. That’s all that you are to them. However famous you are…
Katy: …no wonder
Neil: All they care is that you are a vessel for them.
Katy: Yes, Absolutely.
Neil: And when I think about this…
Katy: And who are they?
Neil: Bacteria
Katy: Great
Neil: K, so, so here we are as humans thinking that we are at the top of some thing. Whatever.
Katy: no.
Neil: if you get those bacteria upset, they will remind you who is in charge.
Katy: Right.
Neil: They will send you…
Katy: …on a lesson.
Neil: On a…every seven minutes you will be on the floor in the bathroom.
Katy: Ya. So bacteria. Wow.
Neil: But the point is we share the same body….
Katy: Right
Neil: With bacteria. We are not greater than them or lessor than them.
Katy: Right
Neil: We are participants in on living organism.
Katy: Right
Neil: You can’t live without them. They can’t live without you.
Katy: That’s yen and yang.
Neil: You got it.
Katy: That’s negative and positive.
Neil: And I want to get back to your prism point. ET. Tell me more about ET.
Katy: I, look. I believe in something much bigger than me. I wrote a song on this record called bigger than me. Even if it is just a feeling it is a constant reminder that it is not just me that’s here and I don’t know what that is for me, and that is some form of God. I don’t know if it is the God that is like old or has a long beard, that sits on the throne, but I think its def[inantly]
Neil: It’s a force really
Katy: Ya, its like, even if you do believe in the Big bang or whatever the Big bang was, what was before the Big bang?
Neil: We don’t know we have got top people working on it.

Stay tuned…. for the rest interview to be transcribed.

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The Frighteners Movie

Movie Synopsis. The Frighteners (1996) Movie. Once an architect, Frank Bannister (Michael J. Fox) now passes himself off as an exorcist of evil spirits. To bolster his facade, he claims his “special” gift is the result of a car accident that killed his wife. But what he does not count on is more people dying in the small town where he lives. As he tries to piece together the supernatural mystery of these killings, he falls in love with the wife (Trini Alvarado) of one of the victims and deals with a crazy FBI agent (Jeffrey Combs).

Movie plot. In 1990, architect Frank Bannister’s wife, Debra, dies in a car accident. He abandons his profession, and his unfinished “dream house” sits incomplete. Following the accident, Frank    gained the power to see ghosts and befriends three: 1970s street gangster Cyrus, 1950s nerd Stuart, and The Judge, a gunslinger from the Old West. The ghosts haunt houses so Frank can then “exorcise” them for a fee. Most locals consider him a con man.

Soon after Frank cons local health nut Ray Lynskey and his wife Lucy, a physician, Ray dies of a heart attack. Frank discovers there is an entity, appearing as the Grim Reaper, killing people, first marking numbers on their foreheads that only Frank sees. Debra had a similar number when she was found.

Frank’s ability to foretell the murders puts him under suspicion with the police and FBI agent Milton Dammers, who is convinced Frank is responsible. Frank is arrested for killing newspaper editor Magda Rees-Jones, who had attacked him in the press. It was actually the Grim Reaper who killed Rees-Jones, despite Frank’s attempts to prevent it.

Milton Dammers Supercut The Frighteners 1996

Lucy investigates the murders and becomes a target of the Grim Reaper. She is attacked while visiting Frank in jail; but they escape with the help of Cyrus and Stuart, who are both dissolved in the process. Frank wants to commit suicide to stop the Grim Reaper. Lucy helps Frank have a near-death experience by putting him into hypothermia and using barbiturates to stop his heart. Dammers abducts Lucy, revealing that he had been a victim of Charles Manson and his “Family” in 1969.

Sergeant Spook
R Lee Ermey (Actor)

Sergeant Spook

In his ghostly form, Frank confronts the Grim Reaper and discovers that he is the ghost of Johnny Bartlett, a psychiatric hospital orderly who killed twelve people 32 years earlier, before being captured, convicted, and executed. Newspaper reports reveal that his greatest desire was to become the most prolific serial killer ever, showing pride at killing more than contemporaries like Charles Starkweather. Patricia Bradley, then a teenager, was accused as his accomplice, although she escaped the death penalty due to her underage status. Lucy resuscitates Frank and they visit Patricia. Unknown to them, Patricia is still in love with Bartlett and on friendly, homicidal terms with Bartlett’s ghost, and eventually kills her own mother, who had been trying to monitor her daughter’s behavior. Lucy and Frank trap Bartlett’s spirit in his urn, which Patricia has kept. The pair make for the chapel of the now-abandoned psychiatric hospital hoping to send Bartlett’s ghost to Hell.

African American
Apparition Coalition

Patricia and Dammers chase them through the ruins. Dammers throws the ashes away, releasing Bartlett’s ghost again before Patricia kills him. Bartlett’s ghost and Patricia hunt down Frank and Lucy. Frank realizes that Bartlett’s ghost, with Patricia’s help, was responsible for his wife’s death and the number on her brow, and that he is still trying to add to his body count (and infamy) even after his death.

Back from Hell

Out of bullets, Patricia strangles Frank to death, but Frank in spirit form rips Patricia’s spirit from her body, forcing Bartlett to follow them. Bartlett grabs Patricia’s ghost, while Frank makes it to Heaven, where he is reunited with Cyrus and Stuart along with his wife Debra. Bartlett and Patricia’s spirits claim they will now go back to claim more lives, but the portal to Heaven quickly changes to a demonic looking appearance, and they are both dragged to Hell by a giant worm-like creature. Frank learns it is not yet his time and is sent back to his body, as Debra’s spirit tells him to “be happy.”

Frank and Lucy fall in love. Lucy is now able to see ghosts as well. Frank later begins demolishing the unfinished dream house and building a life with Lucy while the morose-looking ghost of Dammers is riding around in the sheriff’s car. Frank and Lucy then enjoy their picnic.

Psycho Killers

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Pharaoh – Mummification and After death practices

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Hollywood medium with Tyler Henry
(After Death communications)

Long Island medium
(After Death communications)

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Monica the Medium
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Six Sense full movie
(After Death Communications and Experience)

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Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible

Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible, Vol. 1 (Theosophical Heritage Classics) Paperback – June 1, 1993 by Geoffrey Hodson (Author)
ISBN-10: 0835606902

In this insightful interpretation of the Holy Bible, the profound spiritual and power-bestowing truths of the sacred language of such Old Testament stories as ‘the Creation’, ‘the Flood and Tower’, ‘the Life of Joseph as a Mystery Drama’, and ‘Moses and the Exodus’ are liberated from their cryptic enclosure. The second of a two-part abridgement, published in 1994.

Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible: v. 3 (Quest Books) Paperback – March, 1974 by Geoffrey Hodson (Author)
ISBN-10: 0835604438

The Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible, Volumes I – IV Hardcover – 1970 by Geoffrey Hodson (Author)

Source Bobby Hemmitt

Esoteric Christianity
Paperback – January 1, 2006


Look into your Natal chart to find what you should really be doing in life. Your resume is a list of credentials you have acquired within the matrix. Your natal chart is a list of credentials you have acquired spiritually upon coming here. ~ Young Pharaoh

http://youngpharaoh.net/             www.theblackwomanisgod.one

Pharaohallahuniversity.com – Info about New site click here view video http://www.theblackwomanisgod.one/

Now why is this important? Because the credentials stored within the inventory of your natal chart are what you need to navigate this world. The credentials acquired, indoctrinatingly, within the matrix and on your resume are what is needed to navigate as a slave within the matrix. Now why is this important? You want to talk about success within the matrix, sense we in here. Why do you hate your job or why is your job not successful or why are you not being successful at what you are trying to do. Now this goes for everybody. I don’t give a **** if you a drug dealer a police a firefighter an astronaut a baby sister. I don’t give a **** what your occupation is. Why do you either dislike your occupation or why does it seem like you’ve got everything figured out but yet your not going no where. You know why? Because you’re in the wrong god damn energy field fool. So now let me help you out family. Let me help you out. Your resume has nothing to do with who you really are…..

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The Darkside & the Underworlds Dr Alim Bey

The Darkside & the Underworlds Dr Alim Bey

Mental Warfare Lecture Series > Home > Mental Warfare Lecture Series > Charles Finch- The Dark Matter and the Black Man DVD. Charles Finch- The Dark Matter and the Black Man DVD.
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Citi Hampton explains Kundalini

Citi hapmton explains Kundalini which is also referred to as the serpent in so many different Movies, TV shows, Books and other media. I have such a generic or basic understanding of it. Most of these concepts seem so confusing. However Citi Hampton is an Amazing Expert of it. In this link https://youtu.be/m0CzgL1ZkUk (video shares most simplifies explanation of adolabroth). Citi is interviewed by a representative of the underground railroad and he provides a thorough explanation. So fascinating the well rounded knowledge and expertise he shares. So grateful I ran into his website today. http://citihampton.weebly.com
Videos here: http://citihampton.weebly.com/dropout-univerciti.html

Kundalini : The Energy of the Depths : A Comprehensive Study Based on the Scriptures of Nondualistic Kasmir Saivism (Suny Series in the Shaiva Traditions of Kashmir) First Edition Edition by Lilian Silburn

Kundalini’s power lies dormant in humans until it is awakened. The awakened Kundalini expresses the primal divine impulse and ultimately joins the individual with the divine. The development of the book parallels the development of the Kundalini within. Part One exposes the awakening and unfolding of the Kundalini; Part Two describes the piercing of the energy centers and the stages of ascent through the body; and Part Three examines Kundalini’s relation to sexual expression.

The book provides a deep understanding of Tantra and of the underlying purpose of Tantracism. The author carefully considers the Caryakrama practices of sexual expression as a means of awakening and controlling Kundalini.

Silburn draws together passages from the Trika, Krama, and Kaula systems ranging through Abhinavagupta and Lalla and provides both translation and commentary for them. Chapters on the Chakras, the Nadis, and on mantras further elucidate the topic and lead to a forceful conclusion: Kundalini is the source of ultimate human knowledge and power.

The Relationship between sex and Kundalini energy

Awakening Kundalini: The Path to Radical Freedom Paperback – October 1, 2013 by Dr. Lawrence Edwards

The universal force known as Kundalini has been shrouded in mystery for centuries, yet it influences our every breath, thought, and emotion. With Awakening Kundalini, one of the West’s most respected teachers and researchers in the field explores this spiritual principle in unprecedented depth, with detailed guidance for discovering and working with it directly.

In India’s spiritual teachings, Kundalini is known as the principle within that compels us to evolve and grow. Traditions across the globe have described it as a force that lies dormant within us and, when awakened, connects us to the energy of creation and profoundly elevates consciousness.

With his unique expertise in modern psychology, neuroscience, meditation training, and spiritual traditions, Lawrence Edwards clarifies the many dimensions of Kundalini awakening, including practices and meditations for recognizing its manifestations and preparing your body and mind to enter its expansive, empowering flow.

When worked with skillfully, Kundalini is the most profoundly transformative power in our lives. Awakening Kundalini makes available a complete and practical resource for tapping into this force, and realizing your ability to live “radically free.”

How Does Masturbation Affect Kundalini Energy?

Gnosis: Legend of the Serpent The Biggest Religious Cover up in History

Adam, Eve, and the Serpent: Sex and Politics in Early Christianity Paperback– September 19, 1989 by Elaine Pagels

Deepens and refreshes our view of early Christianity while casting a disturbing light on the evolution of the attitudes passed down to us.  How did the early Christians come to believe that sex was inherently sinful? When did the Fall of Adam become synonymous with the fall of humanity? What turned Christianity from a dissident sect that  championed the integrity of the individual and the idea of free will into the bulwark of a new imperial order—with the central belief that human beings cannot not choose to sin?  In this provocative masterpiece of historical scholarship Elaine Pagels re-creates the controversies that racked the early church as it confronted the riddles of sexuality, freedom, and sin as embodied in the story of Genesis.  And she shows how what was once heresy came to shape our own attitudes toward the body and the soul.

Chasing the Dragon (the Naga Serpent) part one

Young Pharaoh – Kundalini

Young Pharaoh is absolutely a Brilliant Genius. Amazing! He blows my mind. Such a blessing to find him. He shares so much information that I had to write it down what he is saying. My brain does not work as fast as his. I need to come back to the information to ingest it slowly.

http://youngpharaoh.net/             www.theblackwomanisgod.one

1 – Root – red
2- Naval – orange
3- Stomach – yellow
4- Heart – Green
5- Throat – baby blue
6- Third Eye/ Pineal Gland

– Navy Blue/Indigo

7- Crown – purple/violet
8- Akashic Records – Gold
9- Soul -silver – the color of electricity
10- Gravity feet – White
11- Hands – Pink
12- Aura – Black

Chakra Color reference

7- Crown Chakras on top of the head, “Head the soft spot on top of a baby’s head.

8- Akashic Record is your spiritual book that records all of your past lives and you are currently writing the pages that will go in that books as you experience everyday reality, every second, every fragment of a second, in this current life time. So your Akashic records is basically the records of your soul. All the lives that your soul has experienced, all the memories that you have from your past life. Just like memories are pasted down genetically, as I proved in my lecture Genetic reincarnation, spiritual your records are kept in what is know as the Akashic records. So the Akashic records exits about half a foot above the head; length 6″ inches or half a foot or .5″.

9- The Soul exist about a foot and a half, 1.5″ or 1′ foot 6″ inches.

10- Gravity – If you don’t know gravity is a chakra. Gravity is your elector-magnetic relationship with your celestial parent. Now all things return to the source from whence they came. This is why when you undergo what this planet conceptualizes as death, your soul goes back to the solar system and your body goes back to the planet. so Gravity is basically the planet earth way of saying “this belongs to me.” It’s like your electo-magnetic umbilical cord. The planet earth will never allow a piece of it’s own self to exit the atmosphere. So if gravity is your electro-magnetic connection to your cosmic mother, period. Just like the earth can’t leave outside the orbit of the sun, you cannot leave out side of the electronic gravitation pull of the planet. Gravity is caused by the earth rotating at approximately 1,098 miles per/hour on its access, something like that. So with that being said Gravity is caused by the velocity of the planet earth rotating. And it is creating a electro-magnetic friction which is holding you here, as well as you being stuck in this speed vortex. Well it’s just like you get on a roller coaster and the faster is go and you be stuck to the seat, it is creating gravity through the velocity that the roller coaster is traveling. This is the same for the planet earth. We are traveling so fast on this planet earth that we are stuck in this atmosphere. And we are electro-magnectically connected to this planet because the electrons being manifested by the iron in the core of this planet is being circumnavigated through the souls of our feet through gravity because the 10th chakra is the feet. Your feet are your 10th chakra. so the electron being emitted by the planet earth are being absorbed through the souls of your feet. Because remember you absorb solar energy through the souls of your hands and the souls of your feet. As the electron are being emitted by the planet earth they are being absorbed to the souls of your feet and helping to unlock or awaken your kundalini reservoir…and help this kundalini energy to become released so it can have a successful travel up the 33 vertebraes of the spine into the brain. So gravity is also a chakra. What is a chakras by definition? Energy vortex centers which help in-put and out-put solar frequency.

11- Hands are for transmuting which is the transduction of energy. So you think with your mind. Let’s say if eye want to paint a picture. First mentally and a non-physical scale, spiritual metaphysical scale, I create a thought. And then that thought is manifested to the physical realm through the transmutation of the energy that I produce with my hands. So everything is created non-physically in order to be brought to this paradox of reality, we must use those mental thoughts and transmute that energy into manifesting the craft that we first manifested in our imagination. Image means born. Nation means what you rule. You born and manifest that which you rule first from your mind.

12- Aura.

Your Akashic records (8th chakra) are the color gold

9-Soul silver color

Why are they gold and silver? Once your aura begins to transfuse Once all of your chakra layers begin to transfuse with the lower levels of it’s existing cells, at the end of the rainbow because your chakras form a rainbow color, starting from red a the root chakras and ending purple at the crown chakra you get gold. This is the saying comes from where there is gold at the end of the rainbow. This is why when you see biblical deities or holy deities they always have a gold aura or a gold hallow because it is a subconscious way of saying I am fully activated within myself spiritual and my chakra are fully align. So your akashic records is gold because it is what is produced after all your first seven chakras are aligned with each other

9-Soul silver color. Your soul is so big it can’t eve fit in your body. Why is my soul silver. Because it is the color of electricity. Because your soul is an extension of the solar system. The sun is like a flame and your soul is a little spark that comes off the flame. The spark is not other than the flame. The spark is an individual piece of the flame. So your soul is just a piece of the solar system. So it is silver because it is nothing more than a individual piece of electro-magnetic energy which circumnavigates the body and controls it through what is called its nervous system; specifically nero melanin. Your pineal gland controls your entire nervous system. And behind the pineal gland you have what is call the nero melanin nerve track. Now this nero melanin nerve track  produces nero melatin. Keyword nero, go look up the edomology of the word nero and it can tell you that it comes from nerves. Your body is controlled through your nerves through your electro signals. These electrical signals are actually waves of intelligence.

10-Gravity. The 1oth chakra is the color brown which is the color of dirt for gravity.

11-Hands pink color of transmutation. Why is the color pink for transmutation. Everything in the physical world, that is the color pink. serves as a portal. For example your nostrils transmute oxygen and carbon dioxide in and out. A woman’s womb, semin goes in baby comes out transmutation of energy. Your anal cavity; feces comes. Your gums your teeth; food goes in saliva comes out, and you spit out your mouth. If you go watch my video shapes and colors I break down how each shape and each color has a signature frequency that denotes that specific characteristic of that person place or thing. When were are dealing with the color pink we are dealing with a color that deals with transmutation.  If something is pink nine times out of ten energy either goes inside it or it goes in or it goes outside it or maybe both. So energy is either inputted or out putted out of that specific object, nine times out of ten if it is the color pink. The color of your hand chakras are pink for this very reason.

12-Aura aka your bio field. Now if you go watch that video I did on bio field I break down exactly what the bio field is.

The Kybalion of Hermes Trismegistus

Races of Ancient Egypt, Nubians, Libyans, Asiatics, Egyptians, Kemet, the DEBATE is OVER

Israelite Tribes Living in Africa today

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Mind Science Kept Hidden. Law of attraction

Mind Science Kept Hidden Documentary. WE ARE VIBRATIONAL BEINGS. Law of attraction/vibes

The Secret



LINKS UPDATE!!!!! (^_^)/ as of June 2014 effective and simple!

If you are in that conspiracy theory frequency, you NEED to get out of that vibration, which is a fear based vibration. “Energy flows where your attention goes.” and what you put your attention on is just going to increase and accelerate as time goes on.Get as far away from that shit as you can LOL!!!!! Stop giving ur power away.

Create the reality YOU WANT! WHAT DO YOU!!!! REALLY WANT?, make the transformation internally and shift into it because that reality/your dream already exists!!!!! shift into it! You can do it! 🙂



These people are who I wud highly suggests you check out their videos and audio and submerge yourself in it on a regular basis! Your own personal coach!

BOB PROCTOR – Subconscious mind/ Changing your paradigm (THE KEY!!!!!!!)

ERIC THOMAS & LES BROWN &TONY ROBBINS – DAILY Motivation moving into Action. The kick in the ass!
Subconscious mind –

MICHAEL LOSIER – Law of attraction (“Reset your vibe”)


TRUE GEM (Which is an understatement)!!!!! BOB PROCTOR’S “YOU WERE BORN RICH” A MUST!!!

Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Niw0…
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Part 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYe_u…



OLD SKOOL TRUE SKOOL 1950’s & 1960’s

Earl Nightingale -The Strangest Secret

Napoleon Hill- Think and Grow Rich

Dr Maxwell Maltz – Psycho Cybernetics

Ah Meditation: The mediation for manifesting POWERFUL AND FAST!


And an Awesome youtube channel to check out is


QI GONG DOCUMENTARY (You need juice!) (^_^)

ELLIOT HULSE ” Become the change,Become the Strongest version of yourself”

QUANTUM PHYSICS (You need to know This reality is not fixed and we have multiple so SHIFT!!!!!!!) BTW speaking of Parallel realities gotta say the X Men Days of Future past flick ROCKS!!!!!!!! AWESOME JOB IN FIXING THAT SERIES!!!! (^_^)

Quantum Physics documentary and Parallel Realities

Quantum Jumping Parallel Realities

Parallel Realities connect to the best VERSIONS of yourself!

Btw Two modalities that have been very instrumental in the transformations I have made on my path in the last year are “Theta Healing” and “Sacred Activations”/ Tamra Oviatt.
2 thumbs and 2 big toes up! (^_^)


LOVE! (^_^)/s

Secret of Secrets & the Law of Attraction by Dr. Alim Bey

www.DrAlimElBey.com or http://www.gofundme.com/1im5o8 Millions have watched the movie “THE SECRET”. But did it really teach you the secret law of attraction? The MIND is definitely powerful, however, it is the BREATH that makes it exist as a major aspect and component of the human anatomy. The MIND and the BREATH, both are forms of PRANA, the Universal Life-Force Energy. Thus, to increase MIND potential…it must come through the BREATH… together both forms CONSCIOUSNESS.

No Apology Necessary – Religious Commentary

Religious Commentary – No Apology Necessary

An essential book for every christian to read. Interpreting racial significance in the Bible. Black people in the Bible. Church of God in Christ pastor and evangelist Earl W. Carter, Jr has written a book in which he contends that Old Testament prophecies foretold the tragedy of African slavery and hold promise for relieving racial tension in America if heeded. No Apology Necessary by Reverend Earl W. Carter Jr

Review by Reginald Thomas: I am a spirit filled pastor who is also a black american in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. I was also raised in the midst of racial tension, although it probably was a bit more subtle than that of the authors’. My parents insisted that God had created us equal and treated all races the same, according to our christian faith. I’ve never been raised to hate other races but I have certainly felt the hatred and been the object of attack in many different situations. This book, coming from the authors life and experiences, summed up by the Word of God, reveals what has been going on in the earth since Noah. A dark skinned people who knew God spread out in different directions and covered the earth. Mixed marriages influenced their faith and many turned away from God. The american black man’s ancestors knew God and worshipped him and were the source of knowledge and industry to the world. But they turned from serving God to the worship of idols. The book states “Idoltry = (equals) Slavery. Every time any nation left God to worship idols that nation found itself enslaved. Furthermore, the author proves scripturally that God sought to prevent this from happening by sending the prophets to prophesy against Egypt and Ethiopia (ancestors to the american black) urging them to repent.

Click the picture below to purchase No Apology Necessary

The result of their disobedience was, brother against brother, being enslaved by their brothers, being sold to serve our European brother (I believe was stated to be Japheth) and sent naked and in chains on ships to another country of which they had never been. The first book placed in our ancestors hand on american soil was, the Word of God, which brings the authors’ revelation full circle. God did not want the black man to go into slavery but rather to prevent him from suffering by provoking him to repent. Idolatry is still the reason today for the oppression of any nation of people, not man. This is a spiritual principle! The author further explains that the white man’s “irritation” with the black man was also prophesied as a result of our lack of repentance. But through Jesus Christ, every curse is broken and we are returned to God free from oppression in our hearts and minds and full of forgiveness toward all that have offended us!!!!!!! What a wonderful book!!!! I Challenge you to read and digest this book. I believe that it’s content is a new standard for a new millenium for the believer. We should not hold the truth in unrighteousness. Neither can we continue to say “we love God” and hated our brothers. This is a truth for all races and nations to read!!! The truth shall make us free!!!!!

Jesus – Jesus Christ – Slavery – No Apology Necessary
ChristianEarl W Carter JrOld Testament Prophecies
Old Testament Prophecies ForetoldRacial Tension in America

True identity of “African Americans”
You are invited to visit http://thespiritofyah.com/ and @http://www.paltalk.com/ in chat room: The Spirit of Yah every shabbat for live bible study class 2pm EST.

Dr Barashango-Black People In The Bible

They Came Before Columbus

They Came Before Columbus

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