Ex Pastor Kevin Wesley Uncovers Truths

“Give somebodies life purpose once they have lost it all. Once you loose thing and you don’t know what else to grab on to you feel like your life is really meaningless. That it has been for all this time. And what you thought you were building was literally nothing. A house made of straw. A simple Big bad wolf can blow it down, with a little bit of truth and now your left there naked. Just like Adam and Eve after he met knowledge….When you eat this knowledge and realize you are naked We as a people have been stripped. Because before you recognize our actually history we say well man we came a long way….”~Kevin Wesley… Christ Myth Theory

Another REAL TALK with Rachael-Lea with guest host, Keviin Wesley. Kevin was in the church from the age of 14-32..then his views changed. In this video he discusses his own reason, and educates a lot of us, about where the bible came from, and the meanings behind names and practices.
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No Apology Necessary – Religious Commentary

No Apology Necessary – Religious Commentary


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They Came Before Columbus

They Came Before Columbus

Ancient Ancestors – Let the Stone Tell the Tale

Ancient Ancestors – Let the Stone Tell the Tale

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The Darkside & the Underworlds Dr Alim Bey

The Darkside & the Underworlds Dr Alim Bey

Mental Warfare Lecture Series > Home > Mental Warfare Lecture Series > Charles Finch- The Dark Matter and the Black Man DVD. Charles Finch- The Dark Matter and the Black Man DVD.
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No Apology Necessary – Religious Commentary

Religious Commentary – No Apology Necessary

An essential book for every christian to read. Interpreting racial significance in the Bible. Black people in the Bible. Church of God in Christ pastor and evangelist Earl W. Carter, Jr has written a book in which he contends that Old Testament prophecies foretold the tragedy of African slavery and hold promise for relieving racial tension in America if heeded. No Apology Necessary by Reverend Earl W. Carter Jr

Review by Reginald Thomas: I am a spirit filled pastor who is also a black american in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. I was also raised in the midst of racial tension, although it probably was a bit more subtle than that of the authors’. My parents insisted that God had created us equal and treated all races the same, according to our christian faith. I’ve never been raised to hate other races but I have certainly felt the hatred and been the object of attack in many different situations. This book, coming from the authors life and experiences, summed up by the Word of God, reveals what has been going on in the earth since Noah. A dark skinned people who knew God spread out in different directions and covered the earth. Mixed marriages influenced their faith and many turned away from God. The american black man’s ancestors knew God and worshipped him and were the source of knowledge and industry to the world. But they turned from serving God to the worship of idols. The book states “Idoltry = (equals) Slavery. Every time any nation left God to worship idols that nation found itself enslaved. Furthermore, the author proves scripturally that God sought to prevent this from happening by sending the prophets to prophesy against Egypt and Ethiopia (ancestors to the american black) urging them to repent.

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The result of their disobedience was, brother against brother, being enslaved by their brothers, being sold to serve our European brother (I believe was stated to be Japheth) and sent naked and in chains on ships to another country of which they had never been. The first book placed in our ancestors hand on american soil was, the Word of God, which brings the authors’ revelation full circle. God did not want the black man to go into slavery but rather to prevent him from suffering by provoking him to repent. Idolatry is still the reason today for the oppression of any nation of people, not man. This is a spiritual principle! The author further explains that the white man’s “irritation” with the black man was also prophesied as a result of our lack of repentance. But through Jesus Christ, every curse is broken and we are returned to God free from oppression in our hearts and minds and full of forgiveness toward all that have offended us!!!!!!! What a wonderful book!!!! I Challenge you to read and digest this book. I believe that it’s content is a new standard for a new millenium for the believer. We should not hold the truth in unrighteousness. Neither can we continue to say “we love God” and hated our brothers. This is a truth for all races and nations to read!!! The truth shall make us free!!!!!

Jesus – Jesus Christ – Slavery – No Apology Necessary
ChristianEarl W Carter JrOld Testament Prophecies
Old Testament Prophecies ForetoldRacial Tension in America

True identity of “African Americans”
You are invited to visit http://thespiritofyah.com/ and @http://www.paltalk.com/ in chat room: The Spirit of Yah every shabbat for live bible study class 2pm EST.

Dr Barashango-Black People In The Bible

They Came Before Columbus

They Came Before Columbus

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The African Origins Of Christianity – Anthony Browder

The African Origins Of Christianity
– Part 1 – Anthony Browder

http://ikg-info.com/ikg-store   The African Origins of Christianity IKG Founder Anthony Browder 
Anthony T. Browder is an author, publisher, cultural historian, artist, and an educational consultant. He is a graduate of Howard University’s College of Fine Arts and has lectured extensively throughout the United States, Africa, Caribbean, Mexico, Japan and Europe, on issues related to African and African American History and Culture. Mr. Browder is the founder and director of IKG Cultural Resources and has devoted 30 years researching ancient Egyptian history, science, philosophy and culture.He has traveled to Egypt 47 times since 1980 and is currently director of the ASA Restoration Project which is funding the excavation and restoration of the 25th dynasty tomb of Karakhamun in Luxor, Egypt. Browder is the first African American to fund and coordinate an archeological dig in Egypt and has lead five archeological missions to Egypt since 2009. Mr. Browder’s three decades of study have lead him to the conclusion that ancient Africans were the architects of civilization and developed the rudiments of what has become the scientific, religious, and philosophical backbone of mankind. It is from this framework that IKG has concentrated its research and disseminated its findings.Through IKG, Mr. Browder sponsors lectures, seminars, cultural field trips of Washington, D.C., publishes his research, and has conducted study tours to Egypt, West Africa, South Africa and Mexico since 1987.He is the author of six publications (including the best sellers, From the Browder File and Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization) and the co-author of four publications, including two written with his now 30 year-old daughter, Atlantis Tye.All of Mr. Browder’s publications are currently being used in classrooms around the world.“Tony” is an autodidact and describes himself a chronicler of facts and information relative to the positive portrayal of the worldwide African experience.

Who is this King of Glory by Alvin Boyd Kuhn


No Apolgy Necessary by Rev Earl Carter

Volume 1 of Paul C. Boyd’s The African Origin Of Christianity
is a Biblical and historical account of the origin of Christianity and is based on research and analysis conducted over a number of years. Using Biblical and other sources Boyd sets out to provide an African world view perspective of the origin and development of Christianity and stresses the importance of the focus on Africa in the quest for knowledge about the development of world civilization and culture.


Through the Gates of The Afterlife – Bobby Hemmitt

Through the Gates of The Afterlife
– Bobby Hemmitt


Bobby Hemmitt – Beyond the Veil of Death

Bobby Hemmit speaks on Reincarnation, the Soul, the Underworld and the Astral Realm

The Spirit World

Bobby Hemmitt Tower of Destiny II: Threshhold of Awekening – Pt. 1/5

Great presentation by Mark Passio from Visit his site here:http://www.whatonearthishappening.com


The Submerged Continents of Atlantis and Lemuria Their History and Civilization On-line since: 15th August, 2011 By Rudolf Steiner http://www.audioenlightenment.com/rudolf-steiner

Rudolf Steiner, 22 Audio Books & 775 Audio Lectures
Translated by Max Gysi
This early writing reconstructs events between the origin of the earth and the beginning of recorded history and include a core investigation of the origins, achievements and fate of the Atlanteans and Lemurians. These remarkable “lost” root races developed the first concepts of “good” and “evil,” manipulated the forces of nature, laid the groundwork of all human legal and ethical systems, and defined and nurtured the distinctive yet complementary powers of men and women that brought humankind, many centuries ago, to its highest artistic, intellectual, and spiritual attainments.

The subject matter of this book pertains to the social, economic, cultural, etc. life of very ancient times. This work cannot be called scholarly in the usual narrow sense of the word in that its method of obtaining information is not the usual scholarly one. However, responsible investigative technique and recording are emphasized.

This book is the first English publication — a First Edition — of Steiner’s Aus Der Akasha-Chronik, GA# 11. It is presented here with the kind permission of the Rudolf Steiner Nachlassverwaltung, Dornach, Switzerland.

This e.Text edition is provided through the wonderful work of:

Theosophical Publication Society,
– See more at: http://wn.rsarchive.org/Books/GA011/English/TPS1911/GA011_index.html#sthash.ipsCBuwk.dpuf

Thanks to an anonymous donation, this book has been made available. CONTENTS Authorized Translations Cover Sheet Contents  Chapter I: From the Âkâshic Records Chapter II: Our Atlantean Forefathers Chapter III: Transition of the Atlantean into the Âryan Root-Race Chapter IV: The Lemurian Era Chapter V: Woman in the Third Root-Race Chapter VI: Humanity Before the Division of Sex Chapter VII: The Beginnings of Sex Duality Chapter VIII: Man’s First Ancestors Chapter IX: The First, or Polar, Race Chapter X: The Second, or Hyperborean, Race 

– See more at: http://wn.rsarchive.org/Books/GA011/English/TPS1911/GA011_index.html#sthash.ipsCBuwk.dpuf

Bobby HemmittRudolf SteinerAtlantis

Atlantis and Lemuria by Rudolf Steiner

Bobby Hemmitt “How To Activate The God Within You”


Bobby Hemmitt – Chaos Vision In The Eye Of The Sphinx


the mind brain report 1983 karl pribram
Stages of Brain and Cognitive Maturation – Karl Pribram

the beginners guide revelation by Robin Robertson
the holographic universe by Michael Talbotcourtney brown remote viewing – Courtney Brown-Part 2: Remote Viewing Atlantis

The Farsight Institute | Remote Viewing Nonprofit Research …
Biographies Dion Fortune


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Holographic UniverseKarl PribramRemote Viewing911

Clive Davis: Satan’s Son (Part-1)

Clive Davis, Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Janis Joplin, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Jennifer Hudson, Monica, Brandy etc… and A Host of Other Celebrity Reveals. Human Blood Sacrifices Exposed. This Is a Qaraah Films Authorized & a “Fair Use” Protected Video.

BloodIlluminati SacrificeOccult SacrificeRitual Sacrifice

Rise of Dark Matter – After Katrina – Bobby Hemmitt Pt1 Of 5

The Dragon Legacy: The Secret History of an Ancient Bloodline
– Nicholas de Vere
This book outlines in detail the ancient dragon bloodline, going much further than his previous book, Genesis of the Grail Kings, co-authored with Sir Laurence Gardner. Where did the bloodline come from and what did it mean? Were those who carried it blessed with great powers? What influence did they have on the ancient world? Did elves, fairies and vampires really exist? If so, who were they? This extremely well-researched book reveals many mysteries from our past, including why the actual blood from this bloodline is so important, what kind of magic once existed and how it was lost.
http://www.hermetics.org/library/Library_Occult.html – Rudolf Steiner
The Spiritual Hierarchies and their Reflection in the Physical World: Reality and Illusion, a lecture cycle of 10 lectures Given in Dusseldorf, April 12 – 18, 1909 (CW 110) combined with a collection of 5 lectures given in Berlin entitled “The Inner Realities of Evolution” or “The Inner Experiences of Evolution) (The first set of lectures have been re-recorded as of 1-7-08) Below is the original image found on the lectures page. The second image is the cover for the soon-to-be-published collected works edition by Steinerbooks. I recommend the new set as I had read the earlier set far too fast and then tried to doctor the recordings with my computer resulting in unwanted side effects). This later edition then, has 15 lectures total.For your convenience, below is a zip file of this entire set of lectures. It does require that you have an unzipping utility of some kind on your computer. For you mac people this is built in.
The Entire Book Spiritual Hierarchies (including inner experiences)HOME1. The Renewal of PrimevalWisdom (April 12, 1909 Morning)2. The Four Elements, Fire, and the Elemental Beings: the Lowest Realm of the Hierarchies (April 12, 1909 Evening)3. Planetary Evolution: Saturn and Sun Stages of Evolution and the Spirits of Personality (April 13, 1909, Morning)4. The Work of the Spiritual Hierarchies and the Zodiac (April 13, 1909, Evening)5. Cosmic Evolution and “The War in Heaven” (April 14, 1909, Evening)6. Geocentricity and Heliocentricity in Cosmic Evolution (April 15, 1909, Evening)7. The Constitution of Spiritual Beings and Humanity (April 16, 1909, Evening)8. The Spiritual Hierarchies, the Zodiac, and the Human Being (April 17, 1909, Evening)9. Evolution and the Cosmic Human Body (April 18, 1909, Morning)10. The Christ (April 18, 1909, Evening)Below is an image of the cover of the soon to be published collected works edition of the latter five lectures that is included in this earlier edition.1. The Inner Aspects of the Saturn Embodiment of the Earth (October 31, 1911)2. The Inner Aspect of the Sun Embodiment of the Earth (November 7, 1911)3. The Inner Aspect of the Sun Embodiment of the Earth and the Transition to the Moon Embodiment (November 14, 1911)4. The Inner Aspect of the Moon Embodiment of the Earth (November 21, 1911)5. The Inner Aspect of the Earth Embodiment of the Earth (December 5, 1911)

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Chaos Vision In The Eye Of The Sphinx

Chaos Vision In The Eye Of The Sphinx Pt 1 Of 10 – Bobby Hemmitt

Chaos Vision In The Eye Of The Sphinx Pt 1 Of 10 – Bobby Hemmitt – adolabroth

Chaos Vision In The Eye Of The Sphinx Pt 2 Of 10 – Bobby Hemmitt – melanin
Chaos Vision In The Eye Of The Sphinx Pt 3 Of 10 – Bobby Hemmitt
Chaos Vision In The Eye Of The Sphinx Pt 4 Of 10 – Bobby Hemmitt
Chaos Vision In The Eye Of The Sphinx Pt 5 Of 10 – Bobby Hemmitt – adolabroth
Chaos Vision In The Eye Of The Sphinx Pt 6 Of 10 – Bobby Hemmitt
Chaos Vision In The Eye Of The Sphinx Pt 7 Of 10 – Bobby HemmittDVD Sirius times

The Truth About Alcohol: Etymology & Symbolism. Tape Worms Please Share!

Parasite – par·a·site – an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host’s expense. Why Detox. Full Body Parasite Cleanse

Sinister & Spiritual Reflections Pt 1 Of 4
– Bobby Hemmitt


What if the God you serve is the Devil


ANUBIS The Final Dimension of Melanin


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