The Great Wall (2017) Movie

The Great Wall (2017) Movie

Fantastic Movie!!! Great action and adventure. The Tao Tei came to earth eons ago by a green (Green color symbolizes alien) meteor from out space crash lands into earth. They are strong vicious reptilian and beast hybrid species, have an amalgamation of all different types of animals. Distinct features include a big crocodile mouth, lots of teeth, green skin, large hands and raptor claws. It’s fast like a cheetah and extremely strong like a lion. It takes orders from its queen whom it’s soul purpose is to serve, feed and protect. The queens existence fuel the pack. In some ways the queen reflects the great mother energy. This not the first time motion pictures have depicted ancient people as monsters or some sort of mythical creatures…..Reptile symbolically references Kundalini.

Matt Damon’s character William (American accent, main protagonist) and friend Tovar (spanish accent, supporting role, could be a Moorish descendant) manages to kill one Tao Tei. and keeps the hand of the beast he cut of when it fell over a cliff. He gets ambushed by the native troops who bring him to the Renzong Emperor, during the Song Dynasty. Now he is at the Imperial Court where they would like to kill William and Tovar the intruders. They question him, how he this white barbarian who managed to kill a Toa Tei single handedly, after all he looks and smells like a beast himself dirty and stinking for not having bathed for such a long time and looks unkempt and unsophisticated (but obviously judging someone by their looks can be very much deceiving.

It is proven by the strategist that William was telling the truth because the blood of the beast was found on the sword. They decide to kill him and keep the intruders to find the knowledge on how he managed to kill the beast.

Immediately after he gains respect of the court, a troop runs in an interrupts the proceedings warning of an impending attack on the empire by the Tao Tei beasts. They the cinematography begins to show the overwhelming magnificent of the empire as William and Tovar are taken changed up to the top of the Great Wall by the troops where they are able to see everyone get prepared for battle. The troops are organized into different colors and each division has special warfare suits.  It has crafted and engineered so many different ways to protect and serve its people. William and Tovar are so impressed. The woman are infront of the army who get the closest to the beast. They are in the most vulnerable and daring position and quickly get eating by the beast (harkons back to the symbology and cultural practice in certain Asian societies where woman children are killed at birth/discarded from society and considered less valuable than a man child. Their carcasses are eaten in mass as delicacies on the underground black market. The man child are more valuable and protected. It has created an imbalance where the male population far out ways the female population; decreasing the ability of the culture to populate. Who started this trend….? ….. Human fetus eating in China…. In some sneaky way white supremacy is the dominant social structure of the world (Ode to Neely Fuller). It would be in their best interest to find a way to destabilize an entire culture by getting another culture to destabilize itself through some outrageous sanctioned belief system crippling its abilility to reproduce a culture that has lasted and developed for thousands years. Who is writing the screenplay and producing this movie. I see no Asian names listed… Thus from what perspective is this story being told). Side bar: Actress Jing Tian’s character has no Asian male or woman love interest. The Honorable Great White Hope character seems to suggest a good male love interest counter part for her to set her affections on. The sentiment seems to be reciprocated from him to her…shown in him wanting to be there for here to support her. Although they are from different world and are truly “different” (This “difference” dialogue is a theme throughout the movie from when they first talk to each other in private to when they depart.) By the way he never commits himself to her or her culture and end up leaving her at the end of the movie as she looks out after him from on top of the Great Wall as he rides away on his horse with his partners. There is a slight premise left that she will for ever long for him as her equal counter part; they are both brave & fierce warriors and Great leaders. the Symbol Great wall of culture, heritage and geography keep them apart. Once all the beast died the empire was never as strong as it once was when it unified to fight the beast.

The strategist figured out that William was able to defeat the Tao Tei with a magnet rock which in affect puts the beast to sleep when the rock comes into close proximity to it. It mutes the signal for the Queen (Great Mother energy) whom is vibrationally or energetically connected to every beast. It causes the beast to be in an isolated sleep state disconnected from the whole. Once strong and ferocious it instantly becomes weak, vulnerable and very easy to kill. The rock symbolically represents melanin. People have a hard time sleeping at night and melanin helps but them to sleep. Melatonin supplement pills are popular sleep aids. Natural herbal Melatonin Dietary Supplements are on the rise. However as Bobby Hemmitt says it use to come out of humans through the extracting of the pineal gland. Made it is still done in the underground black market. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas alludes to eat of the pineal gland for the purposes of getting an extreme high. They go completely insane in inebriation and hallucinations and destroy their interior apartment in a fit of craze. Black bats on the cover on the cover also alludes to melanin because melanin is most active at night like bats are.

The catch 22 is that the suppression act by the world social engineers spares forth more and more of the Great Mother energy. This is no their intent. It is unfortunate product of their suppress tactics.

Fast forward and simplify….
William proves his good nature and honorable character through saving a young native soldier from getting eaten by a Tao Tei. William also proves to be one of the best warriors whom just happened to show up right at the perfect time to help the empire engineer a plan to defeat the beast.

Kundalini energyTags, Neely Fuller

Melanin People: How to Eat and Devour their Energy. Luciferians Reveal their Secrets

“Luciferism can be understood in part as a philosophical and spiritual extension of eating and consuming. When compassion, empathy and conscience are killed, then devouring can swell proportionately. When the impediments to personal power acquisition are removed, then devouring the life energies of other beings becomes easy: I become stronger as you become weaker, I absorb strength as yours flows into me. I become capable of this because I do not experience your pain, I don’t care about your loss, and I feel no regret about using, abusing, and devouring you.’”

Bro. Bobby Hemmitt says alot the these deep, wise, intelligent and “crazy” things. Bobby Hemmitt is a scholar of esoteric knowledge. He has been captivating audiences for the past 20 years with a dynamic brand of exploratory scholarship and an energetic public delivery that involves a tremendous amount of research that he always and I repeat always gives to you within the presentation. If you think he’s talking out of the side of his neck you can call him out but you better check his sources first. His research is impeccable. His philosophy is based in knowing that all the things labelled pagan, occult, and mysterious are the knowledge and wisdom of the cultures of the world that were living in harmony with all life prior to the rise of our current European centered civilization. The rational, christian, scientific belief systems are a paradigm that limits our ability to access the unity of oneness with all existence. Bobby delves into what we call metaphysics, rituals, science, occult, voodoo, astronomy, gnostic wisdom, mysticism, kemetic wisdom, ufo’s,  magic of all forms, greek mythology, and some so-called “downright satanic shit.” Blending them all into one and giving an insightful analysis of current events that is just awesome to witness.
This rare book goes into how the luciferians Eat and devour ones energy and reveals their methods & hidden techniques!

Here are some of the topics this book covers:
Pages: 53
Author: Bobby Hemmitt

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Luciferans believe that core identity can be devoured only when it is broken, like an egg or a nutshell. Once broken, the victim’s core identity yields powerful energies. To break the victim’s core identity, the luciferan first needs to gain access to it. To gain access, the Luciferan needs a powerful key, for even the weakest human will not easily open up such intimate territory. Access can be gained by fashioning an object-of-focus.
To initally gain access to the victim’s cognitive core, the luciferan has to fashion a lure, a device which will invite the victim to open his core identity. An “object-of-focus” is such a lure or key.
An object-of-focus can be a belief system, an icon (such as a specific object or even the Luciferan’s personality), a sacred place, an intense experience (euphoria, ecstasy), or any other thing that the Luciferan has created and therefore controls.
To construct an effective object-of-focus, the……………..
will include – in addition to plant and animal life – the full range of human energies offered up from the body to the soul.
Luciferans have learned how to devour and metabolize these human energies, to withdraw these vital forces from their human victims in order to enhance and vitalize their own lives. I do not completely understand how this powaggat’si process works. I do know that the process exists, and that Luciferans depend upon it to fully actualize and empower their own drive for godhood at the apex of the hierarchy.
When elevated to formal religious status, devouring becomes sacrifice the ritual eating of the victim’s physical body. The logic of sacrifice is grounded in devouring: since devouring unites all forms of sentient life, logically it should form the basis of many religious rituals. for example, Christ is devoured in the Mass; communion is the act of devouring the blood and body of Jesus Christ. Christ was sacrificed, and apparently welcomed the opportunity to be devoured rather than to devour.
For the practicing Luciferan, however, ……….
Luciferism can be understood in part as a philosophical and spiritual extension of eating and consuming. When compassion, empathy and conscience are killed, then devouring and consuming can swell proportionately. When the impediments to personal power acquisition are removed, then devouring the life energies of other beings becomes easy: I become stronger as you become weaker I absorb strength as yours flows into me. I become capable of this because I do not experience your pain, I don’t care about using, abusing, and devouring you. on the contrary, I can come to love your suffering and pain, and use it to help me rise up the hierarchy of devouring. (for example the Movie Hostel) Your pain refreshes and empowers me: by devouring your energy and vitality, I can rise with joy, euphoria, and ecstasy to become pure powaqqat’si.
We all devour. Luciferans and non-Luciferans alike; like it or not, we are all part of a food chain. Luciferans simply accept this fact and enthusiastically expand their range of food possibilities, from plants and animals to humans and even to God.
All human beings are devourers. We eat other living things. Billions of domesticated animals come into existence apparently for the sole purpose of our devouring. Our me sources often live in conditions of abject misery, and are then coldly and efficiently transformed into food. We shovel other beings, both plant and animal, into our mouths without much reflection on their suffering. We are devourers, and ours is a world dominated by a Hierarchy of Devouring.
The term “hierarchy of devouring” came to me from Charles Templeton. He is now a well-know author, but used to be an aspiring preacher. Apparently he had be quite good at it, packing halls in Toronto and sharing billing with preachers like Billy Graham. Eventually he became an atheist, and publicly articulated by he no longer believed in God.
He said he could no longer believe in a God who would create a hierarchy of devouring. By this he meant the entire structure of life on this planet, which is apparently built on one command: eat or die. Big animals eat smaller ones, they in cum eat yet smaller animals and so on down to the simplest forms of life. At the top of the heap, at least for now, are human beings. We are at the top because we are excellent devourers.
“The heart and pulse of life” said Templeton “is built around cruelty and power.” Just watch brutality. Luciferans are not group-animals. They reject all organzational bonding unless it directly serves their personal needs: other Luciferans are only competitors to be overcome. For Luciferans, devouring human flesh is an act barely removed from devouring animals or plants. They seldom use it because it yields little real energy or power. An individual Luciferan might occasionally us ritual sacrifice to solidify his control over a group of submissive followers, but the act seldom yields benefits sufficient to compensate for the risks of discovery.
Ritually killing and devouring humans refreshes and reminds Luciferans of their commitment to devour their way up the hierarchy in pursuit of absolute power. As a Symbolic act is has some validity; as a practical method of power acquisition, it is risky and seldom worth the effort. Emotional, cognitive and spiritual devouring is far more nutritious.
Luciferans eat the emotional energy of victims. They parasitically drain those around them, leaving their victims desiccated, exhausted, confused, despairing, and depressed. Victims can seldom articulated the source of their  Cannibalism Find the meaning of Devils Food Cake and it’s origin in the book below:

Fruitcakes & Couch Potatoes and Other Delicious Expressions Kindle Edition
by Christine Ammer

 Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires: The History of Corpse Medicine from the Renaissance to the Victorians 2nd Edition

Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires charts in vivid detail the largely forgotten history of European corpse medicine, which saw kings, ladies, gentlemen, priests and scientists prescribe, swallow or wear human blood, flesh, bone, fat, brains and skin in an attempt to heal themselves of epilepsy, bruising, wounds, sores, plague, cancer, gout and depression. In this comprehensive and accessible text, Richard Sugg shows that, far from being a medieval therapy, corpse medicine was at its height during the social and scientific revolutions of early-modern Britain, surviving well into the eighteenth century and, amongst the poor, lingering stubbornly on into the time of Queen Victoria.

Ranging from the execution scaffolds of Germany and Scandinavia, through the courts and laboratories of Italy, France and Britain, to the battlefields of Holland and Ireland, and on to the tribal man-eating of the Americas, Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires argues that the real cannibals were in fact the Europeans. Picking our way through the bloodstained shadows of this remarkable secret history, we encounter medicine cut from bodies living and dead, sacks of human fat harvested after a gun battle, gloves made of human skin, and the first mummy to appear on the London stage. Lit by the uncanny glow of a lamp filled with human blood, this second edition includes new material on exo-cannibalism, skull medicine, the blood-drinking of Scandinavian executions, Victorian corpse-stroking, and the magical powers of candles made from human fat. In our quest to understand the strange paradox of routine Christian cannibalism we move from the Catholic vampirism of the Eucharist, through the routine filth and discomfort of early modern bodies, and in to the potent, numinous source of corpse medicine’s ultimate power: the human soul itself.

Now accompanied by a companion website with supplementary articles, interviews with the author, related images, summaries of key topics, and a glossary, the second edition of Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires is an essential read for anyone interested in the history of medicine, early modern history, and the darker, hidden past of European Christendom.

Medicinal Cannibalism in Early Modern English Literature and Culture (Early Modern Cultural Studies) 2,011th Edition, Kindle Edition

by L. Noble (Author)

Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History Hardcover

For centuries scientists have written off cannibalism as a bizarre phenomenon with little biological significance. Its presence in nature was dismissed as a desperate response to starvation or other life-threatening circumstances, and few spent time studying it. A taboo subject in our culture, the behavior was portrayed mostly through horror movies or tabloids sensationalizing the crimes of real-life flesh-eaters. But the true nature of cannibalism–the role it plays in evolution as well as human history–is even more intriguing (and more normal) than the misconceptions we’ve come to accept as fact.

In Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History,zoologist Bill Schutt sets the record straight, debunking common myths and investigating our new understanding of cannibalism’s role in biology, anthropology, and history in the most fascinating account yet written on this complex topic. Schutt takes readers from Arizona’s Chiricahua Mountains, where he wades through ponds full of tadpoles devouring their siblings, to the Sierra Nevadas, where he joins researchers who are shedding new light on what happened to the Donner Party–the most infamous episode of cannibalism in American history. He even meets with an expert on the preparation and consumption of human placenta (and, yes, it goes well with Chianti).

Bringing together the latest cutting-edge science, Schutt answers questions such as why some amphibians consume their mother’s skin; why certain insects bite the heads off their partners after sex; why, up until the end of the twentieth century, Europeans regularly ate human body parts as medical curatives; and how cannibalism might be linked to the extinction of the Neanderthals. He takes us into the future as well, investigating whether, as climate change causes famine, disease, and overcrowding, we may see more outbreaks of cannibalism in many more species–including our own.

Cannibalism places a perfectly natural occurrence into a vital new context and invites us to explore why it both enthralls and repels us.

Clitoridectomy Cake – Nigger cake
– The Pain cake

Seal Shepherd – Human Fetus Eating in China

Seal Shepherd
Animal Cruelty and Slaughter in China

Kaiju Remedies from Pacific Rim movie

Symbolic black market for body part harvesting for the purpose of repairing, healing and regenerating bodies to become more productive, reduce the aging process and live healthier and longer lives.

[BREAKING NEWS] Melanin Is Worth Nearly $400 A Gram!!!
Top 10 Facts About Melanin

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie is a 1990 American horror anthology film directed by John Harrison. The film depicts a kidnapped paperboy who tells three stories of horror to the suburban witch who is preparing to eat him, à la Hansel and Gretel.

Betty remarks that Timmy saved the best story (“Lover’s Vow”) for last, but he says that he hasn’t told her the really best story yet and that this one has a happy ending. She tells him that he should have done it earlier, because now it’s too late and she has to start cooking him to be ready in time for her party, and that none of the stories in the book have happy endings. As Betty advances on Timmy, he tells her this story, his own, narrating his own actions as he trips her by throwing some marbles on the floor. Betty slips and falls on her butcher’s block, impaling herself on her tools. Timmy releases himself and pushes her into her own oven. The film ends with Timmy helping himself to a cookie and breaking the fourth wall by asking us, “Don’t you love happy endings?”

Chocalate cookie eating: symbolic of eating the black body/flesh with chips of melanin inside.

An Occult History of Melanin – Bobby Hemmitt

What if the God you serve is the Devil.

ANUBIS The Final Dimension of Melanin

You are higher than the God that created you

Making sense of the Madness in Movies

Using Bobby Hemmitts extensive knowledge and sources of information the below information on How to interpret movies – Interpreting films was synthesized.

How to Interpret Movies – Interpreting Films

The Arch Degree: Civil War Decoded: All Roads Lead to Wakanda – Ktthearchdegree Youtube More from The Arch Degree –

The Avengers Civil War – Political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability when the actions of the Avengers lead to collateral damage. The new status quo deeply divides members of the team. Captain America (Chris Evans) believes superheroes should remain free to defend humanity without government interference. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) sharply disagrees and supports oversight. As the debate escalates into an all-out feud, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) must pick a side.

Movies Decoded – The Arch Degree – Interpreting Films