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The Melatonin Miracle: Nature’s Age-Reversing, Disease-Fighting, Sex-Enha Paperback – January 1, 2011 by Walter Pierpaoli (Author). This is a reprint of the 1996 First Pocket Books printing. From the scientists who did the original research as published by The National Academy of Science and the New York Academy of Sciences, the authoratative explanation of what their revolutionary discovery means for us today and in the future– along with the doctors’ easy-to-follow instructions on how to make the miracle work for you. What scientists are saying about melatonin: Melatonin naturally exists in our bodies and is perfectly safe; A small dose of melatonin at bedtime is all it takes; By boosing our melatonin back to the level of our youth, we can actually trick the body into thinking–and behaving– as though we are still young. Ongoing research across the globe suggests far-ranging health benefits: A natural nonaddictive sleeping agent that guarantees a good night’s sleep; Strengthens the immune system and thereby helps strengthen the body’s resistance to cancer and other diseases; Prolongs sexual vitality; Lowers blood pressure and normalizes cholesterol; Eases stress.

Vitamins and Minerals From A to Z with Ethno-Consciousness by Dr. Jewel Pookrum MD (Author). It is the Melanin biopolymer that has been identified to control all major hormonal, Neurological, and all systems responsible for environmental adaptations within the Hueman body. This book has been written with the focus to update the reader on the vital activities and life-sustaining attributes of Melanin, all of which are needed for Hueman tissue evolution in the 21st Century. The information offers stimulating reading to promote you to reevaluate your present attitudes & opinions regarding this vital life promoting pigment. In order to” free” the MELANIN Biopolymer of past biases, judgments and criticisms, all of which inhibits its phonon-electron-photon capabilities has become necessary. The process of Personal self-reflection to identify and neutralize any biased or critical perceptions surrounding ones Melanin encourages a biological and physiological chemical state to be produced within the body. This altered blood quality, will support the full activation of Melanin. The reader must examine their past and present attitudes surrounding this vital life sustaining, LIGHT modulating substance, in order to experience the full evolution of our Hueman bodies. The metamorphosis of the Hueman body is required now, to enable oneself to experience health and wellbeing throughout the 21st Century. Active Melanin extends optimal support to all tissues composing the Hueman body and especially its genetic sequencing resources. This book brings to light the biological, physiological as well as the Mental and emotional environment Melanin requires; to operate in a perpetual efficient state of cellular regeneration, heat and Light energy modulation and genetic evolution of the body in general. The contents of this book profoundly provoke your attention to appreciate “how wonderfully you are made”. Jewel Pookrum, MD, PhD, MFS Published by J.E.W.E.L. Publications (Subsidiary of HOUSE OF JEWELS) Health & Physiology 2011

Vitamins & Minerals from A to Z (Ethno-Conscious Series) Paperback – December 15, 2010 by Jewel Pookrum (Author). This manual gives the reader a complete course on how to use vitamins and minerals along with clear description of their function. This manual will also instruct you as to how each vitamin and mineral discussed can be identified in foods. Discussed also in some detail is the ethnicity of races, especially the melanin-dominant race and how minerals and vitamins are applicable to the majority of this population on the planet Earth.

Straight From The Heart: A Physician’s Loving Message of Healing & Wellness Paperback – December 29, 2010 by Dr. Jewel Pookrum (Author). Dr. Jewel Pookrum’s second book, “Straight From The Heart”, describes in basic, clear, scientific humor, how we evolved to become the present divine force, responsible for creating the reality we call “our life”. “To be a joyful and efficient individual in the 21st century will require each member of our society to become aware and enlightened about the relationship between the anatomy of our body and its effects in our environment.” – Dr. Jewel Pookrum

Bobby Hemmitt – Assault on Melanated DNA (2006)

An Occult History of Melanin – Bobby Hemmitt

WHY DARKNESS MATTERS: (New and Improved): The Power of Melanin in the Brain Paperback – September 17, 2014
by Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum Ph.D. (Author), Dr. Richard D. King MD. (Contributor), Dr. T. Owens Moore Ph.D. (Contributor), Dr. Ann C. Brown Ph.D (Contributor)

The Anthropology and clinical role of melanin and brain or neuromelanin in the evolution and development of the human body and brain, including the higher cognitive and psychological functions, is explored in this well documented book of studies by some of the leading figures in the field.

Armageddon Now: The End of the World A to Z Paperback – September 1, 2005 by Jim Willis (Author), Barbara Willis (Author)

Who knew that doomsday would be so hot? Environmental disasters, Ebola outbreaks, the popularity of reality television, and strife in the Middle East, may all be signs that time has come today. Weak and ailing after the end of the Cold War and the financial spree of the nineties, the timeless notion that the end is near is once again exerting a powerful influence on pop culture, politics, religion, and Mel Gibson. Omens and prophecies, asteroids collisions and nuclear war, oil crises and global warming, fire or ice, bang or whimper, asteroid or alien, act of God or human folly, Armageddon Now: The End of the World A to Z is all over doomsday prophecies. From alpha to omega, it is packed with 200 entries and 100 illustrations. Satan, saints, survivalists, and evangelical preachers known for their views on Biblical prophecies receive their due. In the end, the end has never been so thoroughly covered as in Armageddon Now. It’s the last word for the end user. So, don’t be left behind. Save yourself by buying this book.

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