Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Volume 1 Product Description Amazing secrets and startling facts are exposed for the first time in the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OVA Collection, a new assortment of stories set in never-before-seen corners of the FMA universe. Join Ed and Al as they chase rumors of successful human transmutation into a web of shocking family drama and lies. Sneak a glance at hidden sides of Winry and Hawkeye’s personalities. Survive the frigid north with a young Izumi Curtis as she fights to gain a deeper understanding of alchemy. Explore the legendary friendship shared by Mustang and Hughes and watch them grow from military school rivals into hardened brothers transformed by the horrors of the Ishvalan War. You thought you knew the whole story. You thought all the tales were told. The Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OVA Collection offers proof: You were wrong.
Amazon.com The four brief OVA adventures in this collection suggest short stories that explore the pasts of the main characters from the popular Fullmetal Alchemist continuity. In “The Blind Alchemist,” Edward and Alphonse Elric pursue Judau, an alchemist serving a wealthy family, following a rumor that he successfully performed human transmutation. The melancholy tone of this episode recalls the Elrics’ visit to Liore and their grisly encounter with Shou Tucker, the “Sewing Life” alchemist. Episode three recounts the student days of the Elrics’ teacher, Izumi-sensei. She was every bit as formidable as a teenager as she is as an adult: a bear carcass served as an introduction to her soft-spoken future husband. In “Yet Another Man’s Battlefield,” cadets Roy Mustang and Maes Hughes forge the deep friendship that will become a key element in the later narrative. The “Comic Theater” mini-episodes offer the animated equivalent of the four-panel cartoons Hiromu Arakawa put at the end of her manga collections. The slapstick antics involving simply drawn versions of the familiar characters suggest a blooper reel from a live-action film. (Rated TV 14: violence, grotesque imagery) –Charles Solomon
(1. The Blind Alchemist, 2. Simple People, 3. Chronicle of the Teacher, 4. Yet Another Man’s Battlefield)
Volume 2 Product Description In the shadows beneath Central, the Elrics encounter Father, the creator of the Homunculi. His face is familiar – as is the new face of Greed – but his alchemy is unlike anything the brothers have ever seen. As Father’s dark plot takes shape, Ed and Al brave the frigid north to meet the top officer of the fortress Briggs: General Olivier Armstrong. With icy nerve and burning intensity, she commands the hardest soldiers in the land. When you witness her leading the warriors of Briggs in battle against the unstoppable, rampaging Sloth, you’ll know – the stakes are higher than ever in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Collection 2.
Amazon.comThe tone of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood darkens as it continues. In flashback sequences, viewers learn the origins of both Hohenheim and his doppelgänger, the “father” of the Homunculi. Hohenheim was once the slave of an alchemist in Cselkcess, who created the first Homunculus. When the King of Cselkcess’s attempt to achieve immortality backfired, Hohenheim became a human Philosopher’s Stone and the Homunculus created a body for itself that was a duplicate of his. Decades later, Father plans to activate a transmutation circle that stretches across the entire country of Amestris, killing untold thousands of unsuspecting humans to create a gigantic Philosopher’s Stone–and activate the Mannequin Army, a corps of zombies animated by the Stone’s power. Director Yasuhiro Irie and his artists pull out all the stops in the appropriately dramatic and moving conclusion. The Elric brothers and their allies–Von Hohenheim, Roy Mustang, Scar, Izumi, the Armstrongs, May Chang, and Ling Yao–strive to thwart the machinations of Father and his remaining minions: Pride, Wrath, Sloth, Envy, and the zombie army. The climactic battles are as wrenching as they are spectacular, with flashy CG effects that rival Hideaki Anno’s new Evangelion films. But the emotional impact overshadows the visuals, as each of the main characters must rise to face a dire challenge. Edward and Alphonse discover how much they’re willing to sacrifice for each other. Mustang destroys Envy, avenging Colonel Hughes, but Ed and Lieutenant Hawkeye make him realize that his anger threatens to destroy him. The initial Fullmetal Alchemist series, which was completed before manga artist Hiromu Arakawa had envisioned her story’s outcome, ended with the setup for the feature The Conqueror of Shambala (2005). Brotherhood, which follows the original manga so closely that much of the dialogue is taken verbatim, reaches a much more satisfying and definitive conclusion. Saying good-bye to two of the most beloved characters in anime history might be the price viewers pay for an appropriate ending to their story–and an example of “equivalent exchange.” But the adventures of Edward and Alphonse Elric continue, beginning with the feature Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos (2011). (Rated TV 14: violence, grotesque imagery, brief nudity, tobacco and alcohol use) –Charles Solomon
(34. Ice Queen, 35. The Shape of This Country, 36. Family Portrait, 37. The First Homunculus, 38. Conflict at Baschool, 39. Daydream, 40. Homunculus (The Dwarf in the Flask), 41. The Abyss, 42. Signs of a Counteroffensive, 43. Bite of the Ant, 44. Reviving at Full Throttle, 45. The Promised Day, 46. Looming Shadow, 47. Emissary of Darkness, 48. The Oath in the Tunnel, 49. Filial Affection, 50. Upheaval in Central, 51. The Immortal Legion, 52. Combined Strength, 53. Flame of Vengeance, 54. Beyond the Inferno, 55. The Adults’ Way of Life, 56. The Return of the Fuhrer, 57. Eternal Leave, 58. Sacrifices, 59. Lost Light, 60. Eye of Heaven, Gateway of Earth, 61. He Who Would Swallow God, 62. A Fierce Counterattack, 63. The Other Side of the Gateway, 64. Journey’s End)

Death Note Box Set (Vol. 1-12) Paperback
The entire Death Note manga story arc is now available in a box set for the first time! This custom box set includes all 12 books from the Death Note series, the information How To Read “Death Note 13” and exclusive Death Note premium gifts! The high gloss printed box set also comes with a recessed handle and velcro closure. The box set is 10% off the total retail price of 13 volumes of Death Note! This is a perfect gift for either yourself or anyone not yet exposed to the amazing intrigue of this Obha / Obata masterpiece.Light Yagami is an ace student with great prospects – and he’s bored out of his mind. But all that changes when he finds the Death Note, a notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami death god. Any human whose name is written in the notebook dies, and now Light has vowed to use the power of the Death Note to rid the world of evil. But when criminals begin dropping dead, the authorities send the legendary detective L to track down the killer. With L hot on his heels, will Light lose sight of his noble goal…or his life?Light tests the boundaries of the Death Note‘s powers as L and the police begin to close in. Luckily Light’s father is the head of the Japanese National Police Agency and leaves vital information about the case lying around the house. With access to his father’s files, Light can keep one step ahead of the authorities. But who is the strange man following him, and how can Light guard against enemies whose names he doesn’t know?
Death Note: Omega Edition – Limited Edition (Blu-ray) Light Yagami is a genius high school student who is about to learn about life through a book of death. When a bored shinigami, God of Death, named Ryuk drops a black notepad called a Death Note, Light receives power over life and death with the stroke of a pen. Determined to use this dark gift for the best, Light sets out to rid the world of evil… namely the people he believes to be evil. Should anyone hold such power? The consequences of Light’s actions will set the world ablaze.

Dan Winter – Structure of life Fractality – Key to the Universe

Dan Winter Conference in Melbourne
– Fractality is the Key to the Universe
– Golden Mean

Esoteric Kundalini Science & ET History | Dan Winter 2:49:23

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbqVjhtGPaw  Kundalini

Dan Winters structure of life

Dan Winters structure of life part1
Dan Winters structure of life part2
Dan Winters structure of life part3
Dan Winters structure of life part4
Dan Winters structure of life part5
Dan Winters structure of life part6
Dan Winters structure of life part7
Dan Winters structure of life part8
Dan Winters structure of life part9

ET Origins of DNA by Dan Winter (FULL)


Dan Winters (The Science of Death)


The EggX Files & Bliss Practice | Dan Winter 1:57:03


Dan Winter – Life-Force Design and Sacred Geometry in Architecture


Dan Winter The Wind on which Love Travels

Dan Winter The Wind on which Love Travels, 1/12
Dan Winter The Wind on which Love Travels, 2/12
Dan Winter The Wind on which Love Travels, 3/12
Dan Winter The Wind on which Love Travels, 4/12
Dan Winter The Wind on which Love Travels, 5/12
Dan Winter The Wind on which Love Travels, 6/12
Dan Winter The Wind on which Love Travels, 7/12
Dan Winter The Wind on which Love Travels, 8/12
Dan Winter The Wind on which Love Travels, 9/12
Dan Winter The Wind on which Love Travels, 10/12
Dan Winter The Wind on which Love Travels, 11/12
Dan Winter The Wind on which Love Travels, 12/12

Dan Winters, The Purpose of DNA and Danger of Implantation

Dan Winters, The Purpose of DNA and Danger of Implantation 5/12
Dan Winters, The Purpose of DNA and Danger of Implantation 6/12
Dan Winters, The Purpose of DNA and Danger of Implantation 7/12
Dan Winters, The Purpose of DNA and Danger of Implantation 8/12
Dan Winters, The Purpose of DNA and Danger of Implantation 9/12
Dan Winters, The Purpose of DNA and Danger of Implantation 10/12
Dan Winters, The Purpose of DNA and Danger of Implantation 11/12
Dan Winters, The Purpose of DNA and Danger of Implantation 12/12

Dan Winter’s lecture – Alchemy, Fractal Compression, Plasma Fusion

    1. www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJTOGAmRHcI
      Mar 6, 2011 – Uploaded by hinomiya66
      Alchemy, Fractal Compression, Plasma Fusion-The Geometry of Human Group Mind ONENESS Experience 
    2. www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIidMtk-mCg
      Mar 6, 2011 – Uploaded by hinomiya66
      This video is a response to Dan Winter’s lecture – Feb 14, 2011(1/8) · Thumbnail Dan Winter’s 
    3. www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKqphLZ15cA
      Mar 6, 2011 – Uploaded by hinomiya66
      14:27. Watch Later Dan Winter’s lecture – Feb 14, 2011 (4/8)by hinomiya662,522 views; Dan Winter’s 
    4. www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTOA-pucKCI
      Mar 6, 2011 – Uploaded by hinomiya66
      Dan Winter’s lecture – Feb 14, 2011 (1/8)by hinomiya668,079 views;
      Dan Winter – Real Fractal 
    5. www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKJtJphIwtc
      Mar 6, 2011 – Uploaded by hinomiya66
      This video is a response to Dan Winter’s lecture – Feb 14, 2011(4/8) …. lecture – Feb 14, 2011 (1 
  1. www.youtube.com/watch?v=odZweRT9GDc
    Mar 6, 2011 – Uploaded by hinomiya66
    Dan Winter’s lecture – Feb 14, 2011 (1/8)by hinomiya668,079 views;
    Dan Winter – Sacred Science …
  2. www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4wV4ZVY5FU
    Mar 6, 2011 – Uploaded by hinomiya66
    This video is a response to Dan Winter’s lecture – Feb 14, 2011(6/8) …. lecture – Feb 14, 2011 (1 
  3. Powder (Full Movie) (1995)

Dan Winter – Sacred Science of Carrying Memory Through Death

Theme of Lecture – Science and Ancients

Alchemy – Sacred Secrets Revealed

Alchemy – Sacred Secrets Revealed Part 1/8

Alchemy – Sacred Secrets Revealed Part 2/8
Alchemy – Sacred Secrets Revealed Part 3/8
Alchemy – Sacred Secrets Revealed Part 4/8
Alchemy – Sacred Secrets Revealed Part 5/8
Alchemy – Sacred Secrets Revealed Part 6/8
Alchemy – Sacred Secrets Revealed Part 7/8
Everything occurs in the presence of it’s opposite. Out of that is generated the friction, the heat and the light that a comes together in a indissoluble package as part of life.
philosopher’s stone, The overcoming of fate through magic, Alchemy otherwise know as the transformation of the soul
Alchemy – Sacred Secrets Revealed Part 8/8
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Real Alchemy: A Primer of Practical Alchemy 3rd Revised ed. Edition
by Robert Allen Bartlett (Author)
A ground-breaking modern manual on an ancient art, Real Alchemy draws on both modern scientific technology and ancient methods. A laboratory scientist and chemist, Robert Allen Bartlett provides an overview of the history of alchemy, as well as an exploration of the theories behind the practice. Clean, clear, simple, and easy to read, Real Alchemy provides excellent directions regarding the production of plant products and transitions the reader-student into the basics of mineral work–what some consider the true domain of alchemy. New students to practical laboratory alchemy will enjoy reading Real Alchemy and hopefully find the encouragement needed to undertake their own alchemical journey. Bartlett also explains what the ancients really meant when they used the term “Philosopher’s Stone” and describes several very real and practical methods for its achievement. Is the fabled Philosopher’s Stone an elixir of long life or is it a method of transforming lead into gold? Judge for yourself.

Alchemy & Mysticism Hardcover – April 1, 2014
by Alexander Roob
Signs and wonders: A fantastic journey through the history of esoteric lore

The Hermetic Museum takes readers on a magical mystery tour spanning an arc from the medieval cosmogram and images of Christian mysticism, through the fascinating world of alchemy to the art of the Romantic era. The enigmatic hieroglyphs of cabalists, Rosicrucians, and freemasons are shown to be closely linked with the early scientific illustrations in the fields of medicine, chemistry, optics, and color theory. Even for those with no knowledge of the fascinating history of alchemy, this book is a delight to explore. Each richly illustrated chapter begins with an introduction and quotes from alchemists by specialist Alexander Roob. The roots of surrealism and many other more recent artistic movements can be found in this treasure trove.

About the Series:
Bibliotheca Universalis — Compact cultural companions celebrating the eclectic TASCHEN universe at an unbeatable, democratic price!
Since we started our work as cultural archaeologists in 1980, the name TASCHEN has become synonymous with accessible, open-minded publishing. Bibliotheca Universalis brings together nearly 100 of our all-time favorite titles in a neat new format so you can curate your own affordable library of art, anthropology, and aphrodisia.
Bookworm’s delight — never bore, always excite!

Alchemy: An Introduction to the Symbolism and the Psychology (Studies in Jungian Psychology)Dec 1, 2015
by Marie-Louise von Franz
It was the genius of Carl Jung to discover in the “holy technique” of alchemy a parallel to the psychological individuation process. Alchemy: An Introduction To The Symbolism And The Psychology completely demystifies the subject. Designed as an introduction to Jung’s more detailed studies, and profusely illustrated, Alchemy is a lucid and practical account of what the alchemists were really looking for — emotional balance and wholeness. Marie-Louise von Franz has a gift for translating esoteric symbolic material into everyday experience. For the images and motifs that so occupied the alchemists were of an archetypal nature, and as such they constantly turn up in modern dreams and drawings. Alchemy is an important book, invaluable for an understanding of dreams and indispensable for anyone for anyone interested in relationships and communication between the sexes. Alchemy is an essential addition to the metaphysical reference shelf. –Midwest Book Review

AlchemyAlchemy and Mysticism

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Naazir Ra Speaks on the Hidden Self

Called the most POWERFUL Metaphysical film of 2010 based on Naazir Ra’s Best Selling book “The Hidden Self: A Guide to the Metaphysical Self” This film is an absolute MUST SEE for anymore interested in increasing their knowledge of metaphysics, the law of attraction, alchemy and esoteric sciences. Add this one to your collection NOW!


Get your copy now at: http://www.hiddenpowerwellness.com

How to Break FREE from your earthly incarceration: Hidden Kabbalah Science – Naazir RA

The Power of Going Within – The Hidden Self Chapter 1

Bobby Hemmitt The Metaphysics of Destiny

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MetaphysicsNaazir RaThe Hidden Self

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