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Religious Commentary – No Apology Necessary

An essential book for every christian to read. Interpreting racial significance in the Bible. Black people in the Bible. Church of God in Christ pastor and evangelist Earl W. Carter, Jr has written a book in which he contends that Old Testament prophecies foretold the tragedy of African slavery and hold promise for relieving racial tension in America if heeded. No Apology Necessary by Reverend Earl W. Carter Jr

Review by Reginald Thomas: I am a spirit filled pastor who is also a black american in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. I was also raised in the midst of racial tension, although it probably was a bit more subtle than that of the authors’. My parents insisted that God had created us equal and treated all races the same, according to our christian faith. I’ve never been raised to hate other races but I have certainly felt the hatred and been the object of attack in many different situations. This book, coming from the authors life and experiences, summed up by the Word of God, reveals what has been going on in the earth since Noah. A dark skinned people who knew God spread out in different directions and covered the earth. Mixed marriages influenced their faith and many turned away from God. The american black man’s ancestors knew God and worshipped him and were the source of knowledge and industry to the world. But they turned from serving God to the worship of idols. The book states “Idoltry = (equals) Slavery. Every time any nation left God to worship idols that nation found itself enslaved. Furthermore, the author proves scripturally that God sought to prevent this from happening by sending the prophets to prophesy against Egypt and Ethiopia (ancestors to the american black) urging them to repent.

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The result of their disobedience was, brother against brother, being enslaved by their brothers, being sold to serve our European brother (I believe was stated to be Japheth) and sent naked and in chains on ships to another country of which they had never been. The first book placed in our ancestors hand on american soil was, the Word of God, which brings the authors’ revelation full circle. God did not want the black man to go into slavery but rather to prevent him from suffering by provoking him to repent. Idolatry is still the reason today for the oppression of any nation of people, not man. This is a spiritual principle! The author further explains that the white man’s “irritation” with the black man was also prophesied as a result of our lack of repentance. But through Jesus Christ, every curse is broken and we are returned to God free from oppression in our hearts and minds and full of forgiveness toward all that have offended us!!!!!!! What a wonderful book!!!! I Challenge you to read and digest this book. I believe that it’s content is a new standard for a new millenium for the believer. We should not hold the truth in unrighteousness. Neither can we continue to say “we love God” and hated our brothers. This is a truth for all races and nations to read!!! The truth shall make us free!!!!!

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