The invasion – Sweat is a healing agent

The invasion – Sweat is a healing agent Sweating while sleeping is a healing agent that helps to re engineer our bodies at night while we are sleeping. The Invasion movie from 2007 is an intense and engaging horror film that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The people in the movie go into a deep sleep while a certain foreign/alien essence takes over and reanimates their bodies producing a lot of sweat while in a cocoon state. They emerge into drone like entities that can recognizes humans by their “feeling expressions“.

If you show no emotion in speech or action they cannot recognize you. Note the two individuals both black men, who shared the “show no emotion” Tip to the Nicole Kidman character. They also serve and protect the protagonist’s with helpful tips to help them avoid calamity. One man is a police officer with a stronger and fierce countenance whom at first frightens Nicole’s character but quickly shares whose side he is on before she give away her fright to the invaders. The other gentleman is riding on the subway next to a black woman who folds under pressure as the invaders are searching out “humans” to convert over to their side. But before she does he quickly tells Nicole’s character to gain composition quickly before the invaders enter the cabin and suspect her emotion. Once they enter the black woman folds under pressure giving herself away and up to the invaders whom catcher her but Nicole’s character and the black gentleman escape…..also note the subliminal pairing of the redhead and a black man. Redhead symbolizing half breed, sub par caucasoid, as well as a symbolic Isis for American/British mixing bowl of the different races….the black man in America is the amalgamation of all the races on the planet. The symbolic Isis role reversal has taken place, from black women to white.

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