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Young Pharaoh is absolutely a Brilliant Genius. Amazing! Mind blown back. Such a blessing he is doing this work. He shares so much information that I had to write down what he is saying. My brain works to slow to follow. I need to come back to the information to ingest it slowly. Below is a transcription of what Pharaoh is saying with miner tweaks to minimize repetition.   

1 – Root – red
2- Naval – orange
3- Stomach – yellow
4- Heart – Green
5- Throat – baby blue
6- Third Eye/ Pineal Gland
– Navy Blue/Indigo

7- Crown – purple/violet
8- Akashic Records – Gold
9- Soul -silver
– the color of electricity
10- Gravity feet – White
11- Hands – Pink
12- Aura – Black

Chakra Color reference

7- Crown Chakras on top of the head, “Head the soft spot on top of a baby’s head.

8- Akashic Record is your spiritual book that records all of your past lives and you are currently writing the pages that will go in that books as you experience everyday reality, every second, every fragment of a second, in this current life time. So your Akashic records is basically the records of your soul. All the lives that your soul has experienced, all the memories that you have from your past life. Just like memories are pasted down genetically, as I proved in my lecture Genetic reincarnation, spiritual your records are kept in what is know as the Akashic records. So the Akashic records exits about half a foot above the head; length 6″ inches or half a foot or .5″.

9- The Soul exist about a foot and a half, 1.5″ or 1′ foot 6″ inches.

10- Gravity – If you don’t know gravity is a chakra. Gravity is your elector-magnetic relationship with your celestial parent. Now all things return to the source from whence they came. This is why when you undergo what this planet conceptualizes as death, your soul goes back to the solar system and your body goes back to the planet. so Gravity is basically the planet earth way of saying “this belongs to me.” It’s like your electo-magnetic umbilical cord. The planet earth will never allow a piece of it’s own self to exit the atmosphere. So if gravity is your electro-magnetic connection to your cosmic mother, period. Just like the earth can’t leave outside the orbit of the sun, you cannot leave out side of the electronic gravitation pull of the planet. Gravity is caused by the earth rotating at approximately 1,098 miles per/hour on its access, something like that. So with that being said Gravity is caused by the velocity of the planet earth rotating. And it is creating a electro-magnetic friction which is holding you here, as well as you being stuck in this speed vortex. Well it’s just like you get on a roller coaster and the faster is go and you be stuck to the seat, it is creating gravity through the velocity that the roller coaster is traveling. This is the same for the planet earth. We are traveling so fast on this planet earth that we are stuck in this atmosphere. And we are electro-magnectically connected to this planet because the electrons being manifested by the iron in the core of this planet is being circumnavigated through the souls of our feet through gravity because the 10th chakra is the feet. Your feet are your 10th chakra. so the electron being emitted by the planet earth are being absorbed through the souls of your feet. Because remember you absorb solar energy through the souls of your hands and the souls of your feet. As the electron are being emitted by the planet earth they are being absorbed to the souls of your feet and helping to unlock or awaken your kundalini reservoir…and help this kundalini energy to become released so it can have a successful travel up the 33 vertebraes of the spine into the brain. So gravity is also a chakra. What is a chakras by definition? Energy vortex centers which help in-put and out-put solar frequency.

11- Hands are for transmuting which is the transduction of energy. So you think with your mind. Let’s say if eye want to paint a picture. First mentally and a non-physical scale, spiritual metaphysical scale, I create a thought. And then that thought is manifested to the physical realm through the transmutation of the energy that I produce with my hands. So everything is created non-physically in order to be brought to this paradox of reality, we must use those mental thoughts and transmute that energy into manifesting the craft that we first manifested in our imagination. Image means born. Nation means what you rule. You born and manifest that which you rule first from your mind.

12- Aura.

Your Akashic records (8th chakra) are the color gold

9-Soul silver color

Why are they gold and silver? Once your aura begins to transfuse Once all of your chakra layers begin to transfuse with the lower levels of it’s existing cells, at the end of the rainbow because your chakras form a rainbow color, starting from red a the root chakras and ending purple at the crown chakra you get gold. This is the saying comes from where there is gold at the end of the rainbow. This is why when you see biblical deities or holy deities they always have a gold aura or a gold hallow because it is a subconscious way of saying I am fully activated within myself spiritual and my chakra are fully align. So your akashic records is gold because it is what is produced after all your first seven chakras are aligned with each other

9-Soul silver color. Your soul is so big it can’t eve fit in your body. Why is my soul silver. Because it is the color of electricity. Because your soul is an extension of the solar system. The sun is like a flame and your soul is a little spark that comes off the flame. The spark is not other than the flame. The spark is an individual piece of the flame. So your soul is just a piece of the solar system. So it is silver because it is nothing more than a individual piece of electro-magnetic energy which circumnavigates the body and controls it through what is called its nervous system; specifically nero melanin. Your pineal gland controls your entire nervous system. And behind the pineal gland you have what is call the nero melanin nerve track. Now this nero melanin nerve track  produces nero melatin. Keyword nero, go look up the edomology of the word nero and it can tell you that it comes from nerves. Your body is controlled through your nerves through your electro signals. These electrical signals are actually waves of intelligence.

10-Gravity. The 1oth chakra is the color brown which is the color of dirt for gravity.

11-Hands pink color of transmutation. Why is the color pink for transmutation. Everything in the physical world, that is the color pink. serves as a portal. For example your nostrils transmute oxygen and carbon dioxide in and out. A woman’s womb, semin goes in baby comes out transmutation of energy. Your anal cavity; feces comes. Your gums your teeth; food goes in saliva comes out, and you spit out your mouth. If you go watch my video shapes and colors I break down how each shape and each color has a signature frequency that denotes that specific characteristic of that person place or thing. When were are dealing with the color pink we are dealing with a color that deals with transmutation.  If something is pink nine times out of ten energy either goes inside it or it goes in or it goes outside it or maybe both. So energy is either inputted or out putted out of that specific object, nine times out of ten if it is the color pink. The color of your hand chakras are pink for this very reason.

12-Aura – aka your bio field – color black/outer layer of aura. Now if you go watch that video I did on bio field I break down exactly what the bio field is.

Now that we understand the chakras we need to understand the difference between its conscious and subconscious energy flow when it is coming out of the body in certain directions.

Chakras project energy out of the front of you and they also project energy out of the back of you. Through the spinal column. Chakra energy flows based upon the same mathematic numerical principles as all physical things are manifested in this realm which is that which is called the fibonacci sequence aka. phi not pi, which is 1.618. 1.618 is the universal sequence of a spiral. Everything in this universe comes into formation predicated upon 1.618 mathematic numerical sequence. Now when energy is flowing out of the front of the body it flows clockwise. Now why is this important. Because clock wise energy flow represents a being, being conscious. So the front of you is symbolic to your consciousness. The back of you is considered your subconscious. 90 percent of the things you do are actually controlled by your subconscious mind; 10% of what you do you are only conscious to. Why is this important. The energy of the universe is literally flowing into you from behind, and being projected out of you through the front of you by you. You are the universe.

Kundalini energy when it is projected out of the front of a being by its chakras is red and flows in a clockwise manner. Remember chakras are energy vortexs that input energy and out put energy through the front of the body of an organism. This is symbolic to the consciousness of a being. Now kundalini energy that flows out of the back of the body flows counter clockwise manner. And this represents your sub-conscious self. When energy is protruding out of your hand the energy is coming out in a clockwise manner. The back of your hand is coming out in a counter clockwise manner. So we need to understand the direction of energy flow. This is very important.

Now we are getting ready to get into the chakras and how the relate to anatomy. Before I continue on watch seven layers of existence after that come back and watch this video. Seven levels of existence and the first half of this video will lead you up to what I am fixing to talk about now. The scientific understanding of how your kundalini energy interacts with your spine according to anatomy. You have the spinal column starting from the bottom on red then ending back at the top in red. The bottom is considered the coccyx which is red, the green is considered the sacrum. The yellow is considered the lumbar. The blue is considered the dorcial aka thoracic and the top red is considered the cervical. Now notice the coccyx has four vertibrae which is connected to the sacrum/green which has five vertibrae. The lumbar which is the yellow part has 5 vertibrae. The thoracic which is the blue part has 12 vertibrae. The cervical part has 7 vertibrae. All equaling 33 masonary stop at 33 degrees which I will be breaking down the science to that shortly as well. You have 33 vertibrae. Your kundalini energy has to circumnavigate each and everyone of these vertibrae individually. Each and everyone of these vertibrae brings out a certain characteristic

Citi Hampton explains Kundalini

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