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New Black Panther Trailer

DopeSpill Comics + How the Panther Suits Work

The Avengers CIVIL WAR Movie DECODED: ALL ROADS LEAD TO WAKANDA – The Arch Degree – Black Panther – Ktthearchdegree Youtube More from The Arch Degree –

The Avengers Civil War – Political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability when the actions of the Avengers lead to collateral damage. The new status quo deeply divides members of the team. Captain America (Chris Evans) believes superheroes should remain free to defend humanity without government interference. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) sharply disagrees and supports oversight. As the debate escalates into an all-out feud, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) must pick a side.

Black Panther Trailer Breakdown – KT The Arch Degree –

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Decoded (K.T. The Arch Degree)

Thirty years after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, the galaxy faces a new threat from the evil Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and the First Order. When a defector named Finn (John Boyega) crash-lands on a desert planet, he meets Rey (Daisy Ridley), a tough scavenger whose droid contains a top-secret map. Together, the young duo joins forces with Han Solo (Harrison Ford) to make sure the Resistance receives the intelligence concerning the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), the last of the Jedi Knights.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Decoded – KT The Arch Degree

Peter Quill and his fellow Guardians are hired by a powerful alien race, the Sovereign, to protect their precious batteries from invaders. When it is discovered that Rocket has stolen the items they were sent to guard, the Sovereign dispatch their armada to search for vengeance. As the Guardians try to escape, the mystery of Peter’s parentage is revealed. – Ktthearchdegree Youtube More from The Arch Degree –

Black Panther Decoded –
KT The Arch Degree

The Black Panther is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer-editor Stan Lee and penciller and co-plotter Jack Kirby, he first appeared in Fantastic Four #52

Interstellar Decoded Clip

In Earth’s future, a global crop blight and second Dust Bowl are slowly rendering the planet uninhabitable. Professor Brand (Michael Caine), a brilliant NASA physicist, is working on plans to save mankind by transporting Earth’s population to a new home via a wormhole. But first, Brand must send former NASA pilot Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) and a team of researchers through the wormhole and across the galaxy to find out which of three planets could be mankind’s new home.

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Django Decoded

Two years before the Civil War, Django (Jamie Foxx), a slave, finds himself accompanying an unorthodox German bounty hunter named Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) on a mission to capture the vicious Brittle brothers. Their mission successful, Schultz frees Django, and together they hunt the South’s most-wanted criminals. Their travels take them to the infamous plantation of shady Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio), where Django’s long-lost wife (Kerry Washington) is still a slave.

The Metaphysics of Hollywood Movies by K.T. The Arch Degree

X-Men Apocalypse Decoded:
You are The X-Men!!!

Worshiped as a god since the dawn of civilization, the immortal Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) becomes the first and most powerful mutant. Awakening after thousands of years, he recruits the disheartened Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and other mutants to create a new world order. As the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance, Professor X (James McAvoy) and Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) lead a team of young X-Men to stop their seemingly invincible nemesis from destroying mankind.

Tarzan The Movie Decoded:
KT The Arch Degree

It’s been nearly a decade since Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgård), also known as John Clayton III, left Africa to live in Victorian England with his wife Jane. Danger lurks on the horizon as Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz), a treacherous envoy for King Leopold, devises a scheme that lures the couple to the Congo. Rom plans to capture Tarzan and deliver him to an old enemy in exchange for diamonds. When Jane becomes a pawn in his devious plot, Tarzan must return to the jungle to save the woman he loves.

The Moive “Get Out” Decoded Preview: KT The Arch Degree

Now that Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), have reached the meet-the-parents milestone of dating, she invites him for a weekend getaway upstate with Missy and Dean. At first, Chris reads the family’s overly accommodating behavior as nervous attempts to deal with their daughter’s interracial relationship, but as the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a truth that he never could have imagined.

Doctor Strange Decoded: Rise of Dark Matter Consciousness:
Minister Ju and KT The Arch Degree

Dr. Stephen Strange’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) life changes after a car accident robs him of the use of his hands. When traditional medicine fails him, he looks for healing, and hope, in a mysterious enclave. He quickly learns that the enclave is at the front line of a battle against unseen dark forces bent on destroying reality. Before long, Strange is forced to choose between his life of fortune and status or leave it all behind to defend the world as the most powerful sorcerer in existence.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Decoded ft. K.T. The Arch Degree and Clecquot

When Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) jump-starts a dormant peacekeeping program, things go terribly awry, forcing him, Thor (Chris Hemsworth), the Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and the rest of the Avengers to reassemble. As the fate of Earth hangs in the balance, the team is put to the ultimate test as they battle Ultron, a technological terror hell-bent on human extinction. Along the way, they encounter two mysterious and powerful newcomers, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff.

Luke Cage To Hip-Hop – KT the Arch Degree

This gritty, action-packed drama follows the evolution of Luke Cage (Mike Colter), a man with super strength and unbreakable skin caused by a sabotaged experiment. After a failed relationship with fellow superhero Jessica Jones, Cage tries to rebuild a quiet life in Harlem, New York –until he is pulled out of the shadows and forced into a battle for his city. Along the way, Cage cannot avoid confronting his past, which he has worked hard to bury. “Marvel’s Luke Cage” is the third show in the Netflix-original Defenders series.

The Truth about ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Planet of The Apes’ Movies

Spiderman – Thrilled by his experience with the Avengers, young Peter Parker returns home to live with his Aunt May. Under the watchful eye of mentor Tony Stark, Parker starts to embrace his newfound identity as Spider-Man. He also tries to return to his normal daily routine — distracted by thoughts of proving himself to be more than just a friendly neighborhood superhero. Peter must soon put his powers to the test when the evil Vulture emerges to threaten everything that he holds dear.

The Planet of the Apes – After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind.

KTL Radio Presents: After Earth Decoded Will and Jaden Smith Movie KT the Arch Degree (Part 1 of 13)

People were forced to leave Earth a millennium ago to establish a new home on Nova Prime. Now, Gen. Cypher Raige (Will Smith) heads Nova Prime’s most-prominent family. Cypher’s teenage son, Kitai (Jaden Smith), feels enormous pressure to follow in his father’s legendary footsteps — which strains their relationship. Cypher and Kitai set out on a trip to mend their bond, but when their craft crashes on Earth’s hostile surface, each must trust the other greatly — or perish. – Ktthearchdegree Youtube More from The Arch Degree –

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Movies, TV Shows, Commercials interpreted…

Interpreting Films – Amazing Thought blog references Movies!!!, TV Shows, Commercials, Books and Video and Audio lectures for information relating to general social structures, people interactions, metaphysical theories, history, contemporary hot topics, religious commentary and Metaphysical Theory.

The list to the side has provided a contextual jump start basis which helps to interpret life, Movies, TV Shows, Commercials, Books and Lectures in a new way. Many more names can be added to this list…However there is no endorsement any person listed on this site whom may share there own opinions. The list begins the basic context for the information presented in this blog:

People interactions and General Social Structures
Neely Fuller Jr & Frances (The identity of Suppression)
Neely Fuller Jr Talktainment Radio
Neely Fuller Jr (9 Areas of Activity)
Isis Papers (Society, subtle Symbols)
Eckhart Tolle (People pain-bodies)
Paul Mooney (People Observation in Society)
Professor Griff (Music Industry)
Jawanza Kunjufu (Conspiracy to Destroy)

People interactions and economics
Dr Claud Anderson (POWERNOMICS)
Rev. Ike Legacy Ministry (Wealth Abundance)
Dr. Umar Johnson (Empowerment)
Phil Valentine (Empowerment Community)
Cornel West (Philosopher)
Basil Davidson (Africa Magnificent Cake)

 Science Theory
Dan Winter (ET Galactic History)
Dan Winter’s (Fractality, Goldenmean)
Dr Jewel Pookrum (Melanology)
Henrietta Lacks (Immortal Cells Medical Industry)
Karl Pribram (Holographic Universe)
Lloyd Strayhorn (Numerology)
Michael Palmer (Medical Dramas)
Christopher Carolan (Financial Market Cycles)
Carl Munck (The Pyramid Code)
Young Pharaoh (Melanin Science)
Long Island medium (After Death communications)

Dr Tim Morrow (Heal Thyself)
Steven Greer (Broad science)

Metaphysics, Historical & Religious Commentary
Eckhart Tolle (Consciousness, Presence)
Dion Fortune (Automaton)
John Henrik Clarke (Historian)
Mark Passio (Occult Symbols Interpreted)
Bobby Hemmitt (Video & Book list)
Dr Alim Bey (Ritual purpose)
Juanita Bynum (Gospel)
Eugene Adams (Prophecy foretold)
Henry Baker (Black Inventors List)
Ivan Van Sertima (Ancient History)
Marcus Rediker (Slave Ship Experience)
Naazir Ra (Hidden Power University)
Na’im Akbar (Negro Psychosis)
Phil Valentine (Metaphysics)
Robert Anton Wilson (Final Secret Illuminati)
Basil Davidson (Africa Magnificent Cake)
Earl W. Carter (No Apology Necessary)
Dr Cindy Trimm (Kingdom Living)

Kundalini energy
Young Pharaoh (Kundalini Explained)
Citi Hampton (Kundalini Explained)
Alexyss K Tylor (Vagina Power, Penis Power)
Bobby Hemmitt (The Serpent People)
Dr Alim Bey (chakra, Flow, Energy)
Juanita Bynum (Gospel)
Arthur E. Powell (The Astral Body)
Aleister Crowley (Illuminati Ideas Rituals)
C Freeman El (I Self Law Master)

How to Interpret Movies

Movies, TV Shows, Commercials and Books that reach the masses of people on the planet tend to carry continuous ongoing themes and symbols at ad nauseam repetition. Most people are confused by the story’s, choice of characters and plot lines and for the most part just see them as great sources of entertainment. Why are these forms of media so imperatively important that Millions of dollars are spent every year to produce them?

Before interpreting one will need a broader context of understanding. But at the root “Why” is the start of the process. It is important to ask “Why” to each thing that is perceived in being ones’ current reality, until it takes you further back in history, deeper in space and time to where you never realized how far you have gone. “Why” is a key. Why is this? Why is that? “Why” helps one to step out of conditioning, in order to start recognizing the conditions. You don’t just stop at the contemporary past. You go further, wider and deeper. Why do we have these general social structures? Why do people interact with each other the way they do? Why does the world operate as it does through economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, sex, war and religion? Why do we have religion? Can one find more answers in religion? Why is there racism, discrimination, sexism and so on? Why do movies often portray one thing but the opposite exists in reality?

Somewhere within the list of names and subjects towards the top of this page the preceding information was gathered. Many “Why” questions were answered. Please Stop Now? Warning ahead. Strap on your seat belts. The proceeding information is going to get outrageous. Can you handle it? Ready? Set. Go! Unique beings are in control of every major structure on the planet also known as the 9 areas of activity by Neely Fuller Jr (also see Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (Neely’s counterpart) and Mark Passio for Occult Symbols Interpreted). These unique beings carry within them an innate pathology (rooted in oneness disconnection as explained by Young Pharaoh) that governs their leadership, use of media channels, story lines and plot lines. The pathology projected through various forms of media are confusing to many and the viewer tends to find little connection to them. Below you can see some keys to make sense of the madness and begin to see yourself in the Movies, TV shows, Commercials, advertisements, books and recognize the subtle messages they share on a continual basis.

This write up focuses on black people in particular. We start with the notion that black people are not well represented in film, movies, television, commercials and other forms of mass media.

By the end of reading through this write up one will gain the understanding that the notion is completely untrue once able to decode symbols, mythology, images and terms. In fact the opposite of the notion is overwhelmingly true, and black people represent the basest for all mass media and film with conscious and unconscious intent. The term black people is partially a code term that means something else. We will learn more about it as we progress through the write up.

We start our journey in Frank Herberts Dune 1984 movie whom Dan Winter (who shares a peak into Galactic History) and Bobby Hemmitt (who uncovers hidden knowledge) among several others claim Dune is more accurate than the Bible in describing history and the state of the world in the past and present.

The Arch Degree: CIVIL WAR DECODED: ALL ROADS LEAD TO WAKANDA – Black Panther – Ktthearchdegree Youtube More from The Arch Degree –

Movies Decoded – The Arch Degree – Interpreting Films

In the Dune 1984 moive the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen played by Kenneth McMillan is the uncle to Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen (10174 AG – 10193 AG) is one of the antagonists of Dune. Feyd played by Sting (British born) was the younger nephew (Modern day Britain) of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen of House Harkonnen The orange haired Baron has horrible skin and black color finger nails and toe nails, unpredictable, does not adhere to typical moral standards and exhibits extreme gluttony. Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen was nominated by Baron Vladimir as the “Na-Baron” – heir to House Harkonnen. The Baron favored the young Feyd-Rautha over Feyd’s older brother “The Beast” Glossu Rabban played by actor Paul Smith (of America ethnicity), Count of Lankiveil. Feyd was both intelligent and charismatic, and was dedicated to the Harkonnen culture of sadism and cruelty, though potentially only due to his upbringing. 1:49:19 minutes into the movie Baron says to Feyd “And when we have crushed these people enough, I’ll send you Feyd” (Contemporary, New age and evolved (Britian). Also visually likeable yet still carrying the seed of deceit to maintain the subversive leadership and oppression of the people). Who are the people he is symbolically referring to and what is the manner in which the Great villain Baron will send Feyd? Dune is a great movie to apply the keys of interpretation through symbolism and mythology some of which is mentioned within this contextual jump start. Note: Dialects or accents equal nations or cultures. Also actors are selected with strategic intent. The nationality or what nation an actor is born into may also be very important to why the actor is chosen for the role.

Melanin – Most movies that reach the masses have symbolism with references to melanin in some way. It is often referred to as ancient essence, spice, shadow, cinder, soot (from a match or a fire), ever moving ever changing essence, transforium (in the Transformer movie series), vibranium (in the movies Avengers, Captain America, and the Black Panther), an intelligent dark essence, darkness in the blood, chaos in the blood and hundreds of many other phrases and names. A battle to control or harness the power of chaos. It carries great fascination but it is still a threat. Fear based images and cautionary images are often used to describe it. There are numerous, extremely important and phenomenally profitable uses for melanin; The Melatonin Miracle: Nature’s Age-Reversing, Disease-Fighting, Sex-Enhancing Hormone by M.D.’s Walter Piepaoli and William Regelson with Carol Colman. Also see Kaiju Remedies from Pacific Rim movie. And see Dr Jewel Pookrum (Melanology). As well as Top 10 facts about melanin. Melanin extraction as exemplified in the movies The Dark Crystal and Dune.

The famous Avengers characters Captain America’s shield is made from vibranium (hence a vibrating, ever moving substance).

In the movie Avengers Age of Ultron the on screen character Helen Chung says “The vibranium atoms aren’t just compatible with the tissue cells, they are binding them. And Shield never thought to…” Ultron interrupts her and interjects “The most versatile substance on the planet. And their using it to make a Frisbees (aka Captain American’s shield; using melanin to not only bind with tissues but also to bind with metals to enhance their strength capacity) The Black Panther’s black skin suit is also made out of vibranium (aka, code word melanin). Also see how Transformium is also connected to a melanin reference in Transformers Age of Extinction. Thanks to Keyamsha; Note there are Top 10 facts about melanin everyone should know: [BREAKING NEWS] Melanin Is Worth Nearly $400 A Gram!!!WHY DARKNESS MATTERS: (New and Improved): The Power of Melanin in the Brain.

Ultron Creates Vision

Kundalini – Kundalini references symbols such as the snake, reptile clothing and/or accessories, rhythm, dancing, creativity, surge of energy, octopus, owl, electricity, lightning, thunder, unpredictability and many more. Kundalini manifests itself in many unlimited forms and it is a threat. The protagonists and antagonists will usually be fascinated by it and/or some symbolic melanin representation form. They will fight to acquire it, figure out how to harness its power, control it or fight against it or suppress the many forms it arises from. It is also possible for each one of the scenarios to be present in the interior film…seemingly like a world wind of confusion for the viewer…what is the feeling impression the viewer is receiving from the film at the exact moment symbols, dialect and dialogue are present? This is critical. It happens through the presentation of symbols, slight gestures, point of view shots, where the eyes focus on simultaneously to what is happening in the background and foreground scene, and vice versa while the screen play dialogue is shared. Actors are selected for specific reasons, scenes, looks, dialect, personality and Idiosyncrasies. Translate this also to the seemingly miscellaneous actor that crosses the foreground and background almost in a blur simultaneously to dialogue, scene shifts or climactic moments.

Pay attention to their racial skin color, hair color, clothing and what they are doing. Also pay attention to objects in the background and foreground, their color, texture, name, wording and signage. The presentation of confusion persists because scenes are jumping from one to another so fast that it is often hard to keep up with what is happening and shown down to the finest details. But keep your eyes on the prize, focus on the patterns that occur consistently throughout most films and movies containing black actors. Note what is happening in the background is just as important as the foreground. For instance, one scene showing a black male in the group of other races in the background, the subsequent scene general shows a black female. Then sometimes they are shown together again or separate and/or apart from each other on different sides of the same scene. It weaves in and out on repeat through the entire film and movie but it is done so slight that it is often easily missed.

In cases with no black actors are in the films foreground or background, default to the black, orange hair color or darkest hair color. It is almost like the weaving of symbolic Kundalini energy (yen and yang) throughout the film.

Heroes – also see the Heros’ Journey The protagonists and the antagonist are often referred to as heroes. Heroes are often presented as creations either by science, some freak accident or trauma. They do the phenomenal work of suppressing kundalini on behalf of the greater ruling populus. The heroes are the great, strong, clever, resourceful and fearless characters that are connected to the ancient blood line yet control and suppress the manifestation of the ancient blood line within themselves and others. The most ancient powerful people reincarnated and are sprinkled within all the races of the planet. Once a might intellectual majority are now relegated facetiously to serving and protecting the ruling populous by prophetic design. The governing power to the ruling populous is their own DNA which is encoded with everything they need to act out their rule over the masses of people on the planet. Kundalini control or suppression and repression inhibits the mass of reptilian symbolic people from exercising the full extent of their combined energy capacities. Which in a united front could easily dismantle the ruling populous. On the flip side the masses of the people are encoded somehow within their DNA to put their allegiance to the ruling populous even though the rulers are a “new phenomenon”. This allegiance in essence furthers their own destruction because the masses of the people on the planet are constantly yoked with restrictive constraints intended to increase depopulation efforts. Not to forget to mention the DNA encoding concept alludes to a “Great Design”, prophetic design, predestination or master architect(s). God or Gods. Back to the ancients, one can find symbology all over the outside of older city buildings and housing structures. They are symbolically the protectors. One will notice, a chained bear, a muzzled lion, a chained hawk (note one may not be able to easily identify the chain and it may not even be present.) ox head with two horns, an owl, a goat head. Superman is associated with the same symbology.

Superman unchained could destroy the world so he must be kept in check (via encoding like a robot or slave) by the Justice League, thus the “always serve and protect” mantra is continually repeated, encoded in the viewer and shared. Superman was once portrayed as very positive trust worthy character but is now portrayed as an untrustworthy and almost villianistic, rageful, unpredictable, alien character where the world has turned against him branding him as an outsider that must be kept in his place, locked up or restrained in order to exploit him for his strength and talents. Also reference the movie Bicentennial Man , iRobot among several other movies that will be added here later. For more information about demi-human programing visit Humans Season 1, HumanSimulacra.pdf  source, Simulacra and simulation PDF by B Conrad Williams source and The Simulacra by Philip K. Dick.

Ancient people are often referred to as goons, goblins, demons, monsters, monkeys, gorillas, reptilians, lizard people, crocodiles, snakes, goats, deers, bears, witches and thousands of many other names and phrases. The movies or media generally expresses them as untactful (lacking tact), unstable, unreliable, flighty, aggressive, narrow mindedness, over sexualized, over flirtatious, happen stance place holders, long winded and even possessing no capacity to provide relevant input relating to solving a problem in a plot and a very long list of other negative connotations to think about a person who stems symbolically from the ancient blood line. The Bibles Old Testament foretold the tragedy of African slavery in No Apology Necessary by Reverend Earl W. Carter Jr and Let the Stone tell the tale by Dr Eugene Adams. It also should be made clear that the mixing of the blood during slavery and beyond, make a new form of monster; having both ancient and contemporary blood, and make it nearly impossible to unravel the ancient bloodline throughout the color spectrum of races specifically in America; spanning from black to white. Thus, the use of the black man and the black woman are only contextually the greatest symbols representing the ancient people. The trait (rooted in oneness disconnection) is inherent in all races. Few are aware of it within themselves but the masses of people will not ever and or cannot dismantle its harmful destructive discord. However, keep in mind the most capable beings to overcome sustained suffering are of the bloodline who survived the middle passage of slavery and beyond in the western hemisphere with an emphasis on blacks in America. Keyword on the term suffering. Slaves were at the mercy of their masters and overseers, in many ways this dynamic has not changed. Tangent thought each race or group capitalizes on suffering imagery displayed in movies and other media but none of their bloodlines suffered the middle passage of slavery. Contrived images or experiences of suffering to mimic that of the ancient ones does not count although the movie or media logic is that it does. On the flip side, going back to slavery, any terrifying activity that could be thought about was most likely done and inflicted on the slaves, often while shackled or constrained from escaping. Horrific events occurred; beating, torturing, castrating, cutting off hands, feet, tongues and other body parts, being eating alive, boiled alive in hot water and oil, whole bodies roasted over fire and eating like bar-be-que, starved, treated worse than animals, eating the worst left over pieces of food, burnt, poisoned, branded, raping of women, children and men in front of the family by male and female perpetrators usually instigated by another race (which contributed to dismantling typical gender roles and magnifying various areas of gender identity), as well as making parents breed with children and visa versa, hence the term “Mother Fucker” (an untrustworthy environment), tearing families apart with endless chaotic natures of abuse. Imagine the extreme shame, physical and psychological trauma from being so humiliated, accused of wrong doing when there was none, cheated on, degraded, violated, victimized and the masses of people confined to these inhumane conditions were so powerless and unable to do anything about it. See Goodbye uncle Tom! “Warning Graphic Content” for a theatrical peak into some imagery of the slave experience. They were “miraculously” resilient. Historians share accounts where people were amazed about how black people’s bodies quickly recovered from the horrifically, terrible trauma of being crammed in boats for so long crossing the seas and the tortures of the slave trade and slave ship experiences. The elites know the black blood line is the most significant symbol of suffering. This is an extremely hard or rather a seemingly impossible concept for them to swallow. Note that the resistance is coming from not only the elites but also the entire world of races. Referrence Bobby Hemmitt in 400 years of lynching and Without Sanctuary photos and video for an insight discuss about racism in American. Although the suffering symbolage stands true this banner is denied the victims and their bloodline, snatched and given to their pathological oppressors. The elite also know that this blood line is literally connected to the precursor of every culture, language, race, country and continent around the entire world. In the beginning was blackness. From the blackness further evolution, transmutation, or scientific contrivance has occurred. Although the movie series of Hostel (specifically Hostel 3) was and is extremely gruesome and difficult to watch it focuses on contemporary suffering and torture for the thrill and pleasure of the perpetrators and the fright of the victims. It is jam packed with religious and occult symbols. Through this movie series it is fascinating to observe the oneness disconnection in its extreme workings. But watch this movie series after reading through this entire text. Once you can piece together the symbols it is less frightening to watch because one begins to realize a mythological story is being told. Tangent thought; ode to Ludacris’s song “How Low can you go” which is a phrase most likely unknown to the author that genius-lly captures the essence of the ancient beings thrill ride in this life in the midst of all the various unlimited forms of experience and suffering which contributes to creating a new God form essence on this planet and in the universe.  The “Lower” one has gone the greater the change and opening up to deeper realms of experience.

Who is DC Comics Icon? “Superman” of the Old South

There are underlining messages in movies that are outrageous and confusing to many. However, they are based on the perspective of the elites who see life in a much broader since then the masses of people on the planet do. They have the ability and power to share the story’s given to them by the masses from the elite’s perspective and frame of reference. It is subtlety slipped in to the plot to where the masses have very little idea that it is present. Universal truths are open to the elite.  Thus, the universe evolved and created its most unique expression in terms of a human or a person. In the universal state, more telepathic and the most “recent” state, more empathetic in the form of humanity through feeling, suffering, expressing, and creating on a micro and macro level.  Allude to Jesus coming to earth to experience the infirmities of the flesh and what it feels like to be human. This developed within him a profound love and respect for humanity. The ruling authority is in the business of fulfilling prophecy. In “considering the opposites” vilifying the victims whom are the progenitors of the prophecy and trying to stand in their stead as the “true” fulfillers of prophecy. How is this done? By documenting or presenting via news, media, TV shows, movies and films a barrage of instances of suffering and allowing the elite to experience life unfiltered through fun, happiness, evoking sadness and crying, emotional sensations, ecstasy, sex, anger, rage, revenge and even murder or sacrifice unhindered, to a degree; all of which are elements in developing humanity. The elite must be allowed to have full access to all these polarities for optimal mental and physical stimulation. Thus, experiencing all that life has to offer is encouraged. But on the flip side, for their worldwide subjects experiencing all life is hindered by rules, laws, policies, stigmas, dogmas, cultural morals (can also be known as religions). It is the ability to project worldwide images of suffering shown to the masses in epic movies and various media channels that encode the masses with the belief that entitles the elite to the birthright of the Gods and an obligation to rule and be superior over the masses. However, prophecy said this will be the case. The “fool” the ones most deeply rooted in oneness disconnection (also considered the least experienced or rather having the least historical time chart) will rule in the last days. Regardless of the 2017 movie story line or plot in The Boss Baby film, the symbolic Boss Baby is the born leader of this dispensation. All other cultures have had their chance to lead; now is the Boss Baby’s turn? Why a baby? Because it is symbolically the newest entity created amongst the races. And why a “born leader”? Because leading is in its nature (meaning DNA make up). In the presence of other races it eases into and eventually takes on the leadership roles. One does not have to know how to build at first, just lead others who know how to do it, learn from them and then do it one’s self later on. It possesses a unique genius imagination to build it better; continuous ongoing improvement.

Pineal Gland – Is referred to in movies and other media as magic wand (Harry Potter wands

and Will Smith 2017 movie “Bright”, staff (staff of Tahuti, Caduces), sword (Optimus Primes’ sword flares up like a flame or gun and Vultrons sword in the shape of a flame, as well as Star wars Jedi lightsaber different colors are different forms of Pineal Gland activation and how it manifest certain energies in the world) Tangent thought (“Hot like fire, Im gonna take you higher, you can’t resist, kiss, kiss, kiss….” [making the connection to spark the flame of pineal activation]…Aaliyah’s Hot Like Fire song. “Come on babe light my fire” Lauryn Hill’s Superstar Song.

Also consider Celion Dion’s song “Back to life” a song written by Cia, an alternative perspective, it sounds like it’s about the third eye or pineal gland awakening – The last key factor to consider in fulfilling prophecy is exercising the pineal gland and stimulating greater mental and physical functions is the intention of the elite as well as to do this in a race against time before the Gods wake up, while simultaneously trying to keep them asleep, whomever they might be in various economic forms and locations within the planet, hampering their pineal activity through poisons and various forms of moral dogma restrictions. The God like energy would be that portrayed as the most powerful or terrifying supervillains.

However, because many of the glands are calcified and no matter what type of stimulation an individual encounters, it will not cause the pineal gland to awaken. However, technology (which is outside the body) is a tool that mimics pineal activation. The pineal gland is a biological tool, connected to all the sensory perceptions of the body, possessing the ability to be connected universally and to cross into other dimensions. So in place of the gland, technology is used to help spirits cross dimension in order to operate and control dimensional time travel, rewrite history or change destiny as depicted in The Legends of Tomorrow 2017 TV Series. Regardless of how Vandal Savage appears in the TV series he represents a Moore or rather a symbolic black man (whom possess within his DNA or semen the ability to annihilate all races from the planet. He is the greatest natural threat. He is the symbolic sabbatic goat or the Satan or Abbadon from the Hebrew faith. The Sufis – Idries Shah page 245 and 255 – Baphomet equals Black male and/or Black Female. Satan, Demon explained in Bobby Hemmitt Outer Gate Invasion 5/8The Origin of Satan, Devil. More Bobby Hemmitt info and  DVDs can be found at One can also search Bobby Hemmit on this site  to learn more.

The Thor Ragnarok 2017 Movie the female Villain Hela Is Goddess of Death in Marvel, symbolic of the female energy counterpart of the Baphomet) hela is code word for blood. Yes, it is far-fetched but if you watch every DC cartoon or show that has Vandal Savage in it sometimes he is a very light skinned black person, with Moorish clothing and a black man as his voice. Movies will often choose an actor who is white but begins to have black persons features but yet is still not black to play the role of a black person whom symbolically stems from the ancient bloodline.

Before the original Gods went to “sleep” and reincarnated losing memory of the past and semblance of cultural identity’s they created/orchestrated cultures to house and retain ancient information and knowledge of the past and prophecies foretelling the future. The Gods are scattered and hidden within cultural fragments around the world within the form of races we see today. The darkest skinned people amongst each cultural are hit hardest with the greatest attack, whom symbolically represent the greatest symbol of ancient representation. Yes, this is based on skin color. The bloodline most connected to the most ancient of people on the planet within each culture are that of a dark skinned bloodline. This is not referring to African people specifically on the African continent in particular whom from a contemporary perspective are consider the same as the new age races and cultures. The terms “Black” or “African American” are the newest age classifications whom are most connected to middle passage drama and possess the greatest DNA connection to all races. Each mythology from every culture, language, race, country and continent attacks this blood line…Attack on the Titan’s; suppression tactics are similar around the world; for instance, racism in China explained by Dr Umar Johnson. Neely fuller Jr describes the general tragic arrangement as Tacky, Trashy and Terroristic which is a matrix system designed to degenerate people of color and also it is set up not to be anything out side of pre-listed three categories of people interaction (click link and scroll down to the Tacky Trashy Terroristic subject). It is the flushing out, purging out, rooting out of this bloodline in ad nauseum repetition around the world throughout mythology, movies and various media channels. Why did the Gods create this process? Maybe to intention a new being through generational alchemy (Bobby Hemmitt speaks of this concept) or a new form of the God essence in the universe. Bobby Hemmitt speaks ‘Explains the DarkSide Energy’ “We have to go all the way back to the beginning of this prior to the earth aspect because this did not just start this the world that we know. This started in the heavens. It started in the origin. It started in the primordial abyss of the womb where you would actually have a renegade or a tyrant that would be a tyrant of a universal primordial family breaking away and trying to create a universe of its own outside of the original source. Botches the job that never the less creates a simulation of the original source which can only be acted out as a series of illusions to support this debauchery and the ultimate deterioration of misfortune is that the very essence of light particles or souls that is in the primordial world of the original source would eventually get trapped in this cosmic abortion that was set up by this tyrant and would have to be a part of this tyrannical creation for years to eventually clean this shit up, that would make the original source greater than the original source was that would have a flaw in it to even create a tyrant that would break away from the original source. And it would never fall again. So, in so many words we are only talking about creation sifting out flaws of its own essence, to make a great and perfected product. In other words, in the beginning there was no perfection. That’s why they call it Chaos. That was the scientific element. The other element is you have the great mother. She had a son (Adolabroth), an abortion who did not stay in long enough to form to maturity that jumps ship. Comes out and creates its own child like world. Like a child would do. A child’s world is going to be different than an adults’ world. The adults’ world is going to be more fortified and more to the essence. And the essence. But the child’s world is going to be a play play world or an illusionary world. Well whatever this particular person, but will later on be called God by the very parents that it would later on trap in this world. It’s like a cancer in the original body, a cancer though benign in the beginning, malignant in the end. And then set up a series of creations, within the context of creation, and in the context of a man and woman a life that was started in this counterfeit creation would set up a series of events and struggles to get back to the original source. The rest is history.” Bobby Hemmitt later on speaks “It is the flaw of the chaos that makes this illusionary universe. It is the spark. It is the sparks of intelligence, or what we call the shards of the chaos that will bring light and diffuse the flaw. Basically, it’s the flaw. And this creation that we find ourselves trapped in is nothing but a cosmic turning of diffusing the flaw. Or the flaw burning itself out. The flaw disintegrating. It’s almost like a science experiment to test it out. To find out what the problem really is, to get rid of the problem. Or it’s like a cleaning crew coming in to a vial and filthy situation gone bad and start to clean up. But the source and the origin of the vial and filthy creation is in a struggle. And every time they wipe up something the source dirties it back up. It’s this cosmic struggle. Meanwhile the source, because it goes there first. Not being the first in creation but the first to come in this environment and create the problem. But by it being the first there the time is running out on it because the ones behind them are little behind to clean it up, but they got a little more energy because they did not spend that energy by getting there first. So it’s a catch up thing that has to happen. But ultimately, we catch up. Also consider ancient prophecies or mythology such as in Let the Stone tell the tale. Note the architects intention-ed the innate pathology that exists within every culture to be in opposition to the symbolic ancient ones. It is inescapable from their DNA, physical composition, vibrational receptivity, thought processes and or pathology. “Cultural sensitivity can be systematically masked” to seem undetectable via training but beware it is deeply ingrained in the essence of the beings DNA. Governed by an entities make up, there is no escaping the inner workings. This inner operation spans all ethnic color lines and is rooted in oneness disconnection, Thus peeling back the surface, “against the ancient ones” and “projected superiority” over the ancient ones based on the color lines is unfortunately ever present. Yet on the flip side it is fortunate for the “sleep Gods”…Toast to evolution and suffering. Tangently, on their quest for true connectedness with this earthly/natural plain, unfortunately will never be fully realized. Also, the quest for true cultural reciprocated understanding will always be the wantingness for the carrot dangled at the end of a stick; never achieving fulfillment. It keeps life propelling forward creating new imaginings of the present and future. Subtle forms of people interaction are shown in films at ad naseum repetition. Note the films symbolically represent real life people interactions with exquisite detail. They never waver from “against…” or “projected superiority” based on color in their portrayed behavior. Look for them. Look for the pattern. It is always there. Regardless of the constant barrage of derogatory symbolism representing the ancient race (with black people from America representing the greatest symbol) in movies they are Highly entertaining and packed with a lot of information about that blood lines past and present with acute details of past and present day chaos and implosion behaviors of the “sleep Gods” as they putrefy beyond recognition, cohesiveness, sense of self, culture and identity.

As said before in The Great Wall (2017) Movie all the races on the planet have their own mythology of their battle with the ancient blood line of whom are repeatedly represented as a natural threat verses a technological threat, and also as insignificant, place holders and people that don’t really matter to the world. Bobby Hemmitt further says “Black people looked apon as not being human, not being competent or adequate”. Dr Na’im Akbar explains in excellent detail the black psychosis; the craze that baffles the world and all cultures. In essence, what is asked and projected is “what is wrong with these crazy people. They have lost their minds. Their behavior is destroying themselves, filled with emotions and little logic. [One condition is the called Stockholm syndrome. It is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity.] How are they surviving the chaos.” It is also interesting to note Chang for his candid spot on view of the black people in particular.

Asian Interviewer: “Can you address their concerns Mr.Chang?”

CHANG: “The concerns of Black people? Yes I can. The fact is, that we all live under a system of White Supremacy. We Asian people look back at our long history of conflict with the European. We observe their strategies and develop our own, in response and in kind. There is no need for loud mass movements on our part, because we intend to overtake them in time, through action and personal sacrifice”.

Asian INTERVIEWER: “And the Black man?”

CHANG: “He does not count into our situation. He is simply here. We do not hate the Black man. We just love the Asian man most. Real love–not cliche. We want to see Asian man happy, so we employ him. We eat together. We spend time with each other. We want his kids to be educated, so we invest in our own schools that offer our children the technical abilities to change the world’s power structure in our favor. We want to see the Asian man safe, so we purchase and organize our own communities. We want him to remain Asian, so we reduce the outside influence of others ideologies and cultures. While he fought to sniff behind the White man, the Black man has had the opportunity and every right in the world to do the same, but he chooses to indict people like me for not hiring him over my own brothers. For me to do this would be foolish and that would not be Asian love. In contrast, the Black man will fight for the right to be up under everyone else other than other Black people who he should feel the most love for. If our indifference to their situation make us racist, then what would you call the Black man’s indifference to his own situation?” source:

..can you blame him. He is speaking the truth. Blacks are considered untrustworthy, insignificant in many social and economic structures, wayward (difficult to work with, control or predict because of unusual or perverse, inappropriate destructive behavior), obstinate, backwards and many other negative connotations. This evaluation holds a lot of truth based on the putrefaction theory of the soul (putrefaction in the biological sense is the process of decay or rotting in a body or other organic matter, not only the body but of the mind matrix system and also of the soul.) Like fermenting grapes to produce wine. The older it is the more potent and the most change has occurred from its original form. In other words, very ancient souls decay and the Ka or essence, DNA, experiences, traumas, memories, past life reincarnations is pasted down from generation to generation to the present, since the beginning of time. The older the soul the most transmutation has occurred from the original souls. Genetic Reincarnation. “Everybody is a compilation of all the DNA that ever existed and the line that you are from the time you broke away from the thing you call the divine. And you didn’t break away from it, you, your just another expression of the aspect of its essence, having the particular experience that you are. We are the best of our ancestor’s genes, we are the latest tech version and the highest tech model. Until we give our children that same thing.” ~ Professor James Smalls. However, going back to Chang Blacks do not have the same opportunity. Black people have to work symbolically “ten times harder than everybody else to get in the same situation that a white person would get with a snap of the figure” reference video on Mr. Chang page.

Movies do present the two general categories of symbolic “blackness” which operate “against” each other, the sleepers and the awake. You can’t tell them apart by racial color; only by their actions. One projection of the sleepers is the fight or distrust between one black person and another black character, undermining one another. Arguing and bickering back and forth or engaging in behavior that is inappropriate, unstable and not productive.  On the other hand, there are varying degrees of awakedness. The awakened could be the side that is portrayed as the villains or the antagonists. It takes thinking in opposites to uncover these gems; looking at what is portrayed as bad and configuring it to be good. The sleepers and the awake in movies are often referred to as “Girl(s), Boy(s), Baby(s), kid(s) (a kid is another name for a young goat; remember the sabbotic goat reference mentioned earlier), young man, young woman, sweet heart, honey, honey bunch, and sweetie” and many other names and phrases that imply less than adult (When the same phrases are flipped back on to the ruling classes offense taken). These names are used by the ruling cultures and the “subordinate” even amongst themselves, jokingly, romantically and platonically. Symbolically never reaching true adulthood, forever subject to infancy (my crib; my home) or adolescence (my girl friend, my boy friend); “When I grow up” continues on into adulthood and death. On one hand, the symbolic projection is somewhat true there is always a subtle master slave relationship where the masters are the caretakers or providers giving the slaves the things it needs to survive, due to the mal distribution and allocation of resources and wealth (Dr Claud Anderson POWERNOMICS). The sleepers and the awake as symbolically represented in the epic Claymore animated series. However, note the awakened ones are symbolically represented as bad horrific monsters with innate uncanny abilities and powers. Sleepers abide generally in base levels of consciousness (elemental spirits highly connected to the earth plane, materialistic satisfaction). Note black Americans amalgamated and putrefied into having no cultural identity, loosing sense of self and in many ways are shiftless and unstable in character and emotions due to the middle passage, slavery, Jim Crow laws, discrimination and racism; this leaves a nature that is highly impressionable by the dominant cultural stimulus) who represent the masses of people aka “negas” (contemporarily carrying a subordinate and derogatory connotation by in the past “negas” represented “God”) around the planet and the awake have varying levels of greater consciousness who are more connected to dimensions…this concept is somewhat unclear and confusing. The black Green lantern character John Stewart in the animation cartoon series wearing the ring is only limited in his creation ability and power by his imagination and or connecting to other dimensions. The villains do anything and try anything to break his attention in order to dismantle the power of the ring (pineal gland illumination; thus the ability to tap into other dimensions) Also check out the movies The Ring 2002 Horror Film (Fear of the ring and ability to predict Future death)

and The Lord of the Rings (control of the rings) of which both talk about different aspects of fascination about the ring (Pineal gland). In the trailer below note the emphasis on the “one ring” as opposed to the concept of many. This is the intended projection to the audience.

In the Lord of the Rings the future of civilization rests in the fate of the One Ring, which has been lost for centuries. Powerful forces are unrelenting in their search for it. But fate has placed it in the hands of a young Hobbit (ode to Boss Baby) named Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood), who inherits the Ring and steps into legend. A daunting task lies ahead for Frodo when he becomes the Ringbearer – to destroy the One Ring (considering the opposites and the movie Gantz:o allude to many “rings” or “Shards”; not just one) in the fires of Mount Doom where it was forged…Being dimensionally connected allows the use of universal forces to create some of the most impactful and long lasting experiences for mankind “How did they do that dance, create that invention, come up with that music, sing that song, etc and so on (Historical black inventors in particular), things that are completely amazing and mind boggling that gives an anchor for the rest of the world to follow along or “culture vulture” from, take possession of, replicate and enhance”…may be purported as coming from “another dimension” (as if to suggest “Alien” or “stemming from another world” but really it seems to be of this dimension…the one experienced every day. Could it just be simply tapping into the overwhelming unlimited potential that exists in each person; myth? Lie? Cliché? Does each person on the planet possess unlimited potential? Maybe that is the threat. The intention to suppress so hopefully nothing comes out or arises that is depicted as being greater than the ruling populous. But on the flipped side the use of suffering to contrive new inventions or new ways of existing on the planet. Or considering predestination the past and present may have been intentioned to be this way. And suppression was and is used for a tool of change, advancement, reconfiguration, small pockets of immense energy escape through the cracks of pressure; emerging some of the most talented and or legendary thinkers, doers and entertainers in history. Who knows?…we will see as time carries on whether an exact answer arises…

Racial ambiguity – Today in movies, ethnic appearance, hair color, clothing color and combinations of the three are very significant to represent the spread of racial stereotypes in movies and other media. Very often  one will notice a person who is something like a melungeon or “of ambiguous ethnicity”, can’t tell if they are black or white (i.e. Vin Diesel or Abraham Liconln was one, part “black”; Tri-racial describes populations thought to be for example of mixed European, African and Native American ancestry) signifying that there is something else darker mixed with in the DNA/blood line that causes the actor to look “off-white” or sub-par white, with slight negroid resemblance features but yet still has not crossed the biological thresh hold of being considered  of “black” ethnicity but yet are not considered or classified as “black”. They symbolically represent the ancient bloodline or Heroes of the movies, film or media. Due to these features, they will denote a symbolic black male or black female. Actor Rami Malek’s ethnicity is 87.5% Egyptian and 12.5% Greek, has a popular television role in Mr. Robot. Actor Ron Perlman is of jewish decent (i.e off-white) who seems to resemble a black slave joker salesman who markets the products of the master or he also can resemble or symbolize a moore through his attire and his unique black eye sun glasses in the Pacific Rim movie. Actor Michelle Rodriguez in the Fast and Furious movie fits this criterion as well.  She is of Puerto Rican decent who classifies herself as Hispanic.

Blackface – Not too long ago “Blackface” was used in films, theatrical events, commercials and other forms of media. Check out this scene from an Indian film where some of the actors are in Blackface in movie Aayirathil Oruvan.

Blackface is a form of theatrical makeup used predominantly by non-black performers to represent a black person. The practice gained popularity during the 19th century and contributed to the spread of racial stereotypes such as the “happy-go-lucky darky on the plantation” or the “dandified coon“. (1) ….Stereotypes embodied in the stock characters of blackface minstrels not only played a significant role in cementing and proliferating racist images, attitudes, and perceptions worldwide, but also in popularizing black culture. (7) In some quarters, the caricatures that were the legacy of blackface persist to the present day and are a cause of ongoing controversy. Another view is that “blackface is a form of cross-dressing in which one puts on the insignias of a sex, class, or race that stands in opposition to one’s own.” (8) Nowadays the same thing is accomplished using a white person character actor with deep dark brown/nearly black color to black hair generally denotes a symbolic ancient black person either with an American or British accent. Secondly a white person with red hair (orange hair color) generally denotes a half breed sub par from white and could also denote a symbolic black person or person stemming or tainted with the ancient bloodline in some circumstances. If two protagonist characters or two antagonist characters are male and female or male to male or female to female, one having black hair and the other having orange hair or one having blonde hair and the other having black hair, they will generally express a love hate relationship throughout the movie plot. They will bicker back and forth, weave in and out of arguments. Possibly flirt back and forth. Or long to be with each other as their ideal mate if only the circumstances were right (ode to Superman and Lois Lane, Batman and Cat Woman. One may be able to think of other character combinations). Genuine complete romance amongst male to female characters with the pre-described hair color combinations will never be accomplished or solidified during the plot of the show. These two characters are often in juxtaposition to two white characters who may be romantically involved (have reached true romance during the plot of the show), have a stable family structure and other positively noted relationship features. The hair color of one actor will be either a blonde with another actor whom has auburn hair color or two auburn color white character actors together with either an American or British accent. Dialects equal nations or bloodlines. An American is often depicted as a “dirty blond”, black or brunette hair color which is not quite blond still in the elite class but “tainted” due to the unique mixing of races in the Americas. America is beholden to Britain. Britain being the father and the Americas being the wayward, beast, extremely arrogant son (child) and or confidant, friend, buddy,  brother or sister. Actors with the British accent tend to carry any hair color. Remember we mentioned the movie Dune in the beginning.

The Baron would represent the ancient being/s that created the various cultures to use them for his ultimate desire to rule and dominate cultures, the planet, and its resources. However this idea once again feeds in to the “Consider the opposite” where really the elites have the desire and intention to rule and dominate cultures and resources but yet tell the world they are the victims who need everyone’s help to fight against the fictional character Baron(s) around the planet; unfolding it this way the elites would seem like pathological liars…

Point of view shots to a black hand in a generally white film or media generally coupled with a scene of trying to do or accomplish something…the nature to do (be commander and chief or in a place of authority, power and influence), accomplish and thrive as portrayed in the symbolic ancient people is a no no…if you try you must fail, if you try to take authority your authority must be usurped quickly, undermined, snatched away before any confidence is solidified. It typically happens during a climactic part of the film to really give the greatest impact of suppressionary encoding in the viewer who will hopefully be of the ancient lineage to further the sleepness and further the divided between cultures and male and female energies (suppression of kundalini). Point of view shots with a black person in the middle of the background or passing through the background during a conversation between two white protagonists should be watched critically. What is the dialogue saying at the precise time a black person walks past? Eye direction is also key. Where is the protagonist and antagonist looking at the exact time a black actor “passes through” or conversation, or a specific word or phrase is spoken? The black person character actor is generally oblivious to what is happening during the foreground conversation but they may be within the point of view shot anyhow simultaneously to conversation ensuing in the foreground is becoming extremely intense. Note an unconscious feeling impression is solidified in the viewer at that exact point in time of an intense of climactic scene. Also note what that feeling is and you can uncover the underlining plot line when typically, the next face or image you’ll see immediately following a climactic scene is a black face (black male or black female) or symbolic black representation image. This is repeated with ad naseum repetition amongst major movies, films and commercials. A point of view shot to the slightest resemblance of freckles on a protagonist is intentionally shown on a white person and it denotes half breed or sub par white person and could also symbolically denote a black person in some circumstances.

In a movie during group conversations when one black person is among the other group members who generally are white or a mix of races, the dialogue will show in most cases that the black person whom may play a supporting (not a significant role) is the one that “accidentally”, “unintentionally” or rather “intuitionally” steers the conversation to the best idea or plan of action in the plot. The other characters catch on but not at first. The first reaction is a dismissal. If no black person is present default to the black-haired character or the orange-haired character. Also note the idea shared by the “black actor” is initially and quickly sloughed off as insignificant but then the group conversation steers right back to that idea, expounds upon it and the leader of the group ends up being the one who indirectly claims it as his or her own and gives the direction to the rest of the group so they can go forth and overcome the threat or obstacle presented in the movie or film. This is hard to describe; these scenes can be confusing because the scenes and the dialogue are happening so quickly plus it is an intense time where everyone in the movie is needing to solve the problem in the plot to get to the next step in the film. Regardless of the conversation concept these sequences are on repeat in nearly every film who possesses the basic scenarios described in this paragraph.

The black woman depicted as a “monster” generally has characteristics of a highly sexuallized nature (uses her feminine wiles to get what she wants and manipulate outcomes) and imposing character; make the connection to cat woman in the black suit or with black hair; also note the movie The Purge, Election Year ( the DVD can be found at the bottom of the Gantz:o page)

Trying to stop the Goddess Ishtar deity energy from rising up and confusing the nature of that energy. The intention is to vilify it and suppress her kundalini manifestation. This is also done with the black male character actors as well. We have to remember that sexual kundalini energy is bad and it must be shunned, suppressed and/or punished. What better way to get the point across then to infuse his or her character with monster like characteristics. As just mentioned this same tactic is often done with black male actors. Juxtapositionally it holds one of the greatest symbols of fascination steering us to view a black woman, orange haired woman or symbolic woman of the ancient bloodline as a harlot, monster or outcast (someone who should be shunned). Check out Salem TV Series – Tituba aka Salem witch trials. This maybe should have been mentioned earlier but is still has a connection to Tituba and other actors; The concept is a subtle yet forceful push to “Make America British Again.” Note the British hand of power in the movie industry. Paying British actors to act as Americans. Ashley Madekw is a British black actress with a British accent but in this film or TV series carries an American accent.

The “monster” is also depicted as a cyborg (half man half robot. This cyborg link takes one to the depiction of a black man) and juxtapositionally Frankenstein (a man once dead created out of various body parts put back together and electronically raised from the dead. This would be connected to the yaukoo story or the creation of the white man. However the character film used to symbolically represent the beastly black male – then God’s who are or once were sleep/dead and made up of many forms, types or pieces of DNA. See the American Gods TV series on starz), Wonder Woman (made/formed/fashioned out of clay brought to life by thunder bolts of Zeus), Superman (an alien trying to live and operate as a human) and many other mythological symbols and characters. Regarding cyborg, there is a light on his forehead (3rd eye, pineal gland which is a portal to other dimensions, he is considered one the smartest Avengers, contrary to the movies you will need to watch of the cartoon animation films or series with cyborg in it to understand that he often comes up with the best ideas or is one of the key components in the plan to defeat the films antagonist(s)), a light in his chest area also considered the heart chakra (symbolic feeling center), a light near or above his loins or root chakra (where the soul resides, the little Sun within the body; the body being the HUGE avatar (1 & 2) juxtaposed to the tiny speck of light consciousness one inhabits the body through; animating the body with the personality and idiosyncrasies. Bobby Hemmitt talks more about this.

It is hard to describe and phrase properly but “Consider the Opposites” is a key concept. Maybe it is easier to understand the concept in the form of lies. As Bobby Hemmitt would say “the enemy doesn’t just lie some of the time; The enemy lies all the time” in the form of opposites. As mentioned before try considering some of the antagonist attributes as good instead of what the movie is trying to portray as bad. Often movies will project fear based emotional references to steer the viewer to be afraid of a particular subject. For instance the Freddie Krueger premise is to don’t go into a deep sleep or he will come after you and terrorize you in your dreams…must do whatever it takes to stay awake. This fear based theme is also repeated in movie “The Invasion“. Note the pineal gland is generally most active in deep sleep thus the greater potential for astral travel and crossing into other dimensions.

Please watch the movie Gantz:o. Below is an excerpt from the page.

The talk with the super monster God. In front of the protagonist holding the ripped off dead head of the fiercest super warrior (who was played by the only black actor in a Japanese film) (note there is a subtle connection between the war against the sleepers and the awake; using the sleepers to fight against the awakened ones; the sleepers despises the awakened beings. And symbolically become the greatest super warriors against the awake) in its hand and holding its index figure out pointing to the protagonists’ forehead/3rd eye symbolic position and holds it in this position as if to say it is giving the protagonist a chance to have a change of heart or else he will be killed. In essence, the God wanted to find one person who truly believed in him by this gesture of sparing the protagonists’ life. This compassionate moment becomes the Gods downfall because it was so concerned about sparing the protagonist life that it neglected to pay attention the ensuing danger around him. This sympathetic gesture may have been intended to convert the protagonist from an enemy to an ally. However, the innate hatred of Gods wins out. When indeed the protagonist never trusts or believes in the Monster/God. He is only trying to find a way through the dialogue to spare his life…you can’t convert one’s nature…It is as it is…for instance a dog or an animal will always be so…(Dion fortune reference: says in chapter VII. The Pathology of Non-Human Contacts “Non-Human is like a pet animal, not a fellow-creature. That, frankly, is the only possible ground upon which they can be approached. If we expect no more of them than we should a pet bird, if we manage them as we should manage a kitten, we have got as near to the solution of the problem as we are ever likely to get….”) no matter the constant training and affection will not steer them down the path to becoming human.

The Pathology of an Automaton

In view of the dialogue the protagonist drops his gun realizing it is a losing battle to fight and quickly says “Wait”…”Let me ask you” “Why are we…”Killing each other?”

The monster responds to his question indirectly.
Monster/God: Do you feel like your’re in God’s presence?

The protagonist: God?

Monster/God: God is the absolute power.

The protagonist: Your God?
scene pause
The protagonist: Are you? (responding as if the Monster/God is obligated to give him a response; projected superiority interjection)

The monster/God: This world has many (Gods). I’m merely one of them. There is no defying that fact?

Remember throughout the whole dialogue the monsters finger is still against the protagonist forehead/3rd eye symbolic position.

However immediately after the monster speaks the last line the ditsy lady warrior (whom just pledged her romantic commitment to the protagonist)

blast the arm of the monster that was pointing at the forehead of the protagonist, therefore dismantling/evaporating the monsters ideology before it sets in/transmits solidification in the viewers mind. She has claimed the protagonist, not the monster. She will fight tooth and nail to defend that honor. The monster says “I see” meaning that it understands that monsters (Gods) should not trust people. And proceeds to shoot laser beams out of its eye (ode to Superman eye beams) and tries to destroy the city and the remaining warriors.

Tangent thought; at the center of each eye is a black hole or a portal. The eye looks similar to the Milky Way Galaxy. There is also a light beam that goes through the center of a black hole and out the other side. In the article “Scientists Unravel Secrets of Monster Black Hole at Center of Milky Way” What is the analysis behind the Superman eye beams anyway? The projection of the lying entity that always thinks and projects in opposites says to itself about descendants of the ancient bloodline that focused attention destroys also “Don’t look me in the eyes” this act is offensive; but flipping the pathology 180 degrees one can deduce that focused attention creates. Perhaps creating the sensation to feel or experience compassion or oneness. The innate encoding robotically says to itself whenever it comes into the presence of the symbolic ancient blood line “must break attention, must do whatever I can to break attention, I must follow where, what or who their eyes are focusing on and break that attention, the descendants of the ancient blood line must always focus their attention on me, I will be their source and their stimulant, they must not create, or I must control their ability to create so I always end up possessing the essence of their creations but quickly destroy the creator of it, so I can absolve myself of guilt because I don’t want them or anyone to know that I stole it from them, fore I am the true creator.”

Tangent thought again: blacks in slavery got the “Be seen and not heard” beat into to them and encoded in their minds by their masters. Subsequently “You should never look a white man in his/her eyes; This is an offense. It is a sign of disrespect. It is construed as challenging or bucking up against perceived authority. So instead keep your eyes low or look to the ground when you encounter them. One must present the impression of being subtle, abased, insecure and inferior.”

The movie industry launched a worldwide massive campaign against the descendants of the ancient blood line (specifically the symbolic black male) in Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice Movie. Note that in the logo the Superman’s “S” is swallowed up by the Batman symbol. Meaning the “S” is smaller and centralized within the Batman symbol. Both Superman’s and Iron man’s hair is historically dark in color. Both Batman’s dark aubur hair color and Superman’s historically black-hair color are symbolic to black male  yet they carry a white American elite status. The butler is British (father figure, guider, supporter, confidant, buddy, moral or conscious authority to Batman. It may be outrageous to allege that Alfred had some to do with orchestrating the death of batman’s parent’s. The least character to consider as a villain is often the most villianistic and twists the story line into a major shock). Superman black hair is symbolic to the ancient blood line. Superman and Batman’s love interests have either orange or black hair. Batman is a white man whom participates in all knowledge, dark arts and the occult. Superman represents the symbolic black man whom participates in morality and whom has alien lineage. In the beginning of the film Justice League Full Movie 2017 Joker boldly and confidently toys with Superman as he is a gullible child whom will not tap into his ultimate power and whom could easily kill the Joker. By the way the Joker character looks very similar to black person in history if one replaces the white skin with black skin; see Goodbye uncle Tom! “Warning Graphic Content” around 1:11 minutes into the movie. If true the Joker is the “Gentleman” who advertised the slaves for sale and made sure they were ready for auctioning so master would get the highest price for the sale. With so many tricks up his sleeve and innovative ways to market and advertise masters’ products all while shuckin and jivin, Joker seems like a fitting name. The Joker wears a top hat, Victorian-era attire (The era when the slave trade made the nation rich and wealthy beyond imagination). On some images of Joker there will be reptilian clothing.

If Superman gets fed up and ensues with anger, rage and suffering he busts through moral code that binds his actions. It is the projection of moral limitations that keep his power shackled. The love interests represent the symbolic black women. Batman has unlimited wealth, power and the greatest access to surveillance of the world.

Note Superman’s “False God” theme. Note the use of a Black African women to head rant on  the dis-ease with supperman; projecting him as untrustworthy and potentially murderous.

Input the black man and the projected theme is the black man is a False God. Then flip it 180 degrees, they are saying the symbolic black man is a God

…interesting … Thus, follow the hair color to get to the real message they are trying to share. This “God” theme is repeated in The Purge movie imagery. A black male teen is wearing a mask with “God” written across the forehead. This same image was used in a lot of commercials and billboards across cities and towns. Another repeated image is a black teen wearing a mask with an upside down cross on it at the symbolic 3rd eye position; points to the symbol of the symbolic black man/3rd eye awakening as an/the anti-christ

The middle east phenomenon. The attack on the middle east talked about in the news is generally an attack on the symbolic and literal portal near or in the same position as ones’ root chakra where a soul comes through from “the other side” to populate and or animate the human body. Think of movie Avatar were the beings have to be in a sleep state to transfer and project their Ka, essence or consciousness to another body. Or in an altered state of consciousness such as in the movie Pacific Rim. The middle east “Wars” and constant bombings, and seemingly never-ending flare ups or uprisings are symbolic speech the elite use in main stream media to talk amongst themselves to share information in plain sight yet at the bafflement of minorities and people “not in the known”. The threat is too many souls coming through to this planet. A war to suppress the number of soul manifestations on to the planet. The symbolic war is to stave off the number of souls coming to this planet. A soul is like a Jedi in the Animated Star Wars Clone Wars movie and book. A human possessing a soul generally do not know they are symbolically a thousand times more powerful than an average person whom does not possess a soul. There will always be a media rage on the middle east conflict as long as the threat ensues. The soul is essentially a speck of light at the root chakra within the body. It is a portion of the sun seen in the sky, which this sun in relation to the earth is furthermore a portion from the largest star Sirius at the center of the galaxy. The suns are balls of consciousness constantly emitting codes of information scientists are always on the hunt to decipher. The very tiny speck of light at the root chakra is a flame that never stops burning just as the suns in the sky never stop burning until the time a person dies. Sometimes the soul connection to the body is not broken causing spirits to be trapped in this realm whom have not made the successful transition to the “other side” (see Young Pharaoh description from more detail on this subject. Scroll down to the bottom of the Frighteners post to watch Young Pharaoh video topic on Mummification and After Death practices).

A biopic a film dramatizing the life of a famous person and  is nothing more than a tainting of the image of the symbolic Gods. It is an attempt to stop the influence of the “Great” Legacy throughout time and space. Instead of carrying a positive legacy from generation to generation among the masses of people on the planet the intent is to construct a negative view or perspective of the individual or group that is wrought with scandalous insights magnified with naughty embellishments. It is to relegate the individual from the status of “Greatness” down to any one of these following terms awful, common, conventional, detestable, expected, flawed, imperfect, accidental, inconsiderable, OK, plain, rotten, unamazing, unpleasant, usual, mediocre, bad, contemptible, inconspicuous, inferior, lowly, ordinary, unimpressive, unremarkable, auxiliary, extra, inessential, minor, nonessential, secondary, subordinate, unnecessary, insignificant, limited, little, low, mild, miniature, minute, moderate, small, soft, teeny tiny, unimportant, weak, thin, few, ignorant, infamous, menial, poor, powerless, short, stupid, uncelebrated, undignified, unknown, unskilled and many other negative terms or phrase. The image of Greatness is astonishing but it is a threat to the elites, and must be neutralized at all costs. Greatness inspires others to be greatness. Greatness implies strength, resourcefulness, talented, someone who is bold or fearless in the face of opposition, ability to stand alone from the crowd mentality and think for themselves, created something new to the world. Greatness is relegated only to the elites.

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– The Invasion – Sweat is a healing agent
Salem TV Series – Tituba
Marvel’s Iron Fist
Melanin Reference – Transformium – Transformers Age of Extinction Movie 2014
The Great Wall (2017) Movie
The Pathology of an Automaton
People idiosyncrasies in movies and real life

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