Esoteric Kundalini Science – ET History | Dan Winter

General Social Structures, Historical References, Kundalini energy, Metaphysics and Mythology, People interactions, Religious Commentary and Opion, Science TheoryTagsBlood, Dan Winter, DNA, DNA History, DNA Transformation, Fractal Compression, Galactic History, Goldenmean, Stellar Ignition of DNA, Geometric Origin of Language, Golden Mean, Immortal, Kundalini, Kundalini Science, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Science, Science of Bliss and Ecstasy, Spiritual Hygiene, ET Origins, ET Origins Of DNA, Reptilians OVERVIEW OF GALACTIC HISTORY GALACTIC HISTORY The Old Universe/Old Empire/ Mind Eaters/DNA By Stewart Swerdlow from “As Ye … Continue reading “Esoteric Kundalini Science – ET History | Dan Winter”