Transformers: Titans Return Trailer

Metaphysics and Mythology, People interactions, Scientific theory, Melanin, Naim Akbar, Bobby Hemmitt, Tyler Perry, Transformers, Titans, Outer Gate Invasion, Movies Decoded, How to Interpret Movies Who are the symbolic Titans on planet earth. What do these people look like? Do they still exist today? Where are they? Bobby Hemmitt | Clash of the Gods (Official Bobby Hemmitt Archives) – … Continue reading “Transformers: Titans Return Trailer”

Transformers Age of Extinction Movie 2014 – Transformium – Melanin Reference

Refer to Transformium as melanin in Transformers Age of Extinction. Refer to Vibranium as melanin in Avengers, Black Panther and the Captain America Movies. Off course at first site Vibranium is a special hard metal. But there is another meaning synonymous to it; listen to the language used to describe it to see their talking … Continue reading “Transformers Age of Extinction Movie 2014 – Transformium – Melanin Reference”