Eugenics Population Control

Maafa 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America is an anti-abortion documentary film made in 2009 by pro-life activist Mark Crutcher to turn African Americans against Planned Parenthood. The film, which has been enthusiastically received by anti-abortion activists, argues that the modern-day prevalence of abortion among African Americans is rooted in an attempted genocide or … Continue reading “Eugenics Population Control”

Exposed: Eugenics, Population Control to Exterminate…

Population control is the practice of artificially altering the size of any population. It typically refers to the act of limiting the size of an animal population so that it remains manageable, as opposed to the act of protecting a species from excessive rates of extinction, which is referred to as conservation biology. Exposed: Eugenics, … Continue reading “Exposed: Eugenics, Population Control to Exterminate…”