On the Origin of the World

Historical References, Religious Commentary and OpionTagsDNA, DNA History, DNA Transformation, ET Origins, ET Origins Of DNA, Galactic History, Gnosis, Gnostic Gospels, Gnostic Scriptures, Human Galactic Heritage, Kundalini, Nag Hammadi Library, Origin of Humans, Origin of the World, Original Gods, Reptilians On the Origin of the World 1/4 Nag Hammadi Library – a computerized read through of the scriptures. On The Origin of the World cc This is one of my favorite … Continue reading “On the Origin of the World”

The African Origins Of Christianity – Anthony Browder

Historical References, Religious Commentary and OpionTagsAfrican History Network, African Origin of Christianity, Anthony Browder, Christianity, Earl W Carter Jr, God, Jesus, Jesus Christ, No Apology Necessary, One Land Mass, Origin of Christianity, Origins Of Christianity, Rev Earl Carter The African Origins Of Christianity – Part 1 – Anthony Browder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zz2zTG0zsP0 DVDS AND CDS BY ANTHONY T. BROWDER http://ikg-info.com/ikg-store   The African Origins of Christianity IKG Founder Anthony Browder  Anthony … Continue reading “The African Origins Of Christianity – Anthony Browder”