Neville Goddard – Art of Imagining

Neville Goddard influential teacher, and author. He did not associate himself as a metaphysician, with any ‘ism’ or ‘New Thought’ teaching as commonly advertised by these collective groups. Goddard was sent to illustrate the teachings of psychological truth intended in the Biblical teachings, and restore awareness of meaning to what the ancients intended to tell the … Continue reading “Neville Goddard – Art of Imagining”

Affirmations Health, Happiness, Love, Success, Prosperity, Money

Rev. Ike’s Secrets For Health, Joy and Prosperity, For YOU: A Science Of Living Study Guide Learn How to Harness the power of YOUR OWN MIND to achieve good health, happiness, success, and prosperity! In 52 easy-to-read life-changing chapters, Rev. Ike introduces you to his Science Of Living philosophy and turns you on to a … Continue reading “Affirmations Health, Happiness, Love, Success, Prosperity, Money”