Every star has planets, study finds

Every star twinkling in the night sky plays host to at least one planet, a new study suggests. That implies there are some 10 billion Earth-sized planets in our galaxy. Using a technique called gravitational microlensing, an international team found a handful of exoplanets that imply the existence of billions more. http://news.yahoo.com/photos/every-star-has-planets-study-finds-1326336349-slideshow/artists-impression-shows-common-planets-around-stars-milky-photo-193055990.html Milky Way teeming … Continue reading “Every star has planets, study finds”

Movie Review

Interpreting Films – Amazing Thought blog references Movies!!!, TV Shows, Commercials, Books and Video and Audio lectures for information relating to general social structures, people interactions, metaphysical theories, history, contemporary hot topics, religious commentary and Metaphysical Theory. The list to the side has provided a contextual jump start basis which helps to interpret life, Movies, … Continue reading “Movie Review”