Inventors: Historical

LIST OF KNOWN AFRICAN-AMERICAN INVENTORS 1845-1980 PDF click here The following pages respresent a unique and rare collection of African-American inventors and their inventions dating from 1845-1980. This list originates almost entirely (with some exceptions) from the rare list compiled by Mr. Henry Baker in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Mr. Baker was … Continue reading “Inventors: Historical”

Reggie Wells Model Behavior with Sharon Quinn

Reggie Wells Industry Icons & Pioneers Impacting the TV industry – Sharon Quinn – Model Behavior with Sharon Economic Justice TheoryTags Black Inventors, Lloyd Strayhorn, Master of Money, Money Motivation, Numerology, Sharon Quinn Tricia Campbell – Models on Modeling – Model Behavior with  Sharon Quinn: Season 7/Ep. 64 Diva Davanna & Tim Smart – Model Behavior with … Continue reading “Reggie Wells Model Behavior with Sharon Quinn”