The Pathology of an Automaton

Came across the word automaton through listening to Bobby Hemmitt. Although I don’t really know what it all means but it sounds like a good choice word when describing the proceeding subject. When encountering an automaton beware because it’s character changes at a whim. It is an interesting being that tends to play the opposites … Continue reading “The Pathology of an Automaton”

The Power of Believing in Yourself – Pharaoh

Young Pharaoh – Zero Point Bioenergetics (The Power of Believing in Yourself) WEBSITE: Metaphysics and MythologyTagsPathology of an Automaton, Prophecy of Reincarnation, Reincarnation Bobby Hemmitt – Truth About Reincarnation Bobby Hemmitt On Having Relations with Soulless People – SOULLESSNESS IS NOT EXCLUSIVE TO ANY ONE RACE (Watch who you sleep with) The Pathology of an Automaton Bobby … Continue reading “The Power of Believing in Yourself – Pharaoh”